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Great teacher, excellent explanation. You have a new subscriber <3. Wow! i can't wait to try that out! excellent explanation.

3:05 says second home in Monaco - but shows the flag of Panama

This is a wonderful series! Corey is a wonderful teacher too❤️. INVEST IN ART :[email protected] if you ask the price you cant afford it... TAX WAR PROFITS before all the art ever made ends up in Hell like everything else. 30 years ago. maybe. The problem is that nowadays everybody, but EVERYBODY loves sushi, so knowing the best fish and chips is probably more in than liking sushi. Dmitri sued Bouvier for what he perceived an overprice for artworks he bought one of which is Leonardo's Salvator. He bought it for 127M. In 2017 it was auctioned and sold for 3 times as much, 460M.

I'm in love with you, Corey. You are so hot. Handsome man. In the 1970s, when I was a much younger woman, I would dress up to go to art openings. I used to wear a lot of vintage clothing. At an opening at The Corcoran Gallery in Washington, DC, I wore a 1930s-40s gown and an ermine shawl around my shoulders. As I walked up the stairs in the Gallery, Rauschenberg and a male friend were coming down the stairs. He asked about my shawl. I told him it was Herman the Ermine. He smiled and laughed. I've always felt he was an innovator. This film proves it. I didn't know about his travels to promote peace. He was a good soul. I really like the fact that he wanted to do good in the world. May his foundation, school, art and memory prosper and continue to inspire people.

This is an interesting series. Thank you, MOMA

Dreadful background cant think to analyze the facts... just entertainment... kitsch art and kitsch program from this Kitsch presenter... little of intellectual rigor. J. Albers was in a different class to these poor substitutes who often could not work by themselves. The blue prints are not original such work was made 100 years earlier, in the 19th centenary, thus show the shallowness of the research for and by this presenter. Shallow...

His work to me. is odd for the sake of, confusion is a gift not a blessing. This is not art to me. Everybody can do a Jackson Pollock,but,nobody can sell it for 150 millions bucks,that's what it worths. I feel the purpose of the long brush is to make a less steady movement making the painting more natural rather than just being able to see the painting as a whole. Abstract doesn't need to be looked at as a whole, more so a feeling within a moment.

Images Click to zoom Item# 116146-116146 In Stock руб3, 014 Non-Member Price 3014 RUB руб2, 712. 60 Member Price Gift wrap available. Pollock White Light Watch Description This watch features a detail from Jackson Pollock's painting White Light from 1954, which is featured in MoMA's collection. It's a simple and elegant timepiece that allows you to carry a piece of MoMA art on your arm every day. The water-resistant watch have Japanese high precision quartz movements and a two-year battery life. Details Size Case: 38mm diam. Band: 9. 25 "l Materials Plastic, Magnet Origin Imported Artist Jackson Pollock Features Water Resistant Watch Band Plastic Case Size 38mm diam. Band Width 16mm Dial Shape Round.

I don't watch any other art museum youtube channels bc this series is amazing! This guy is great and love the behind the scenes. Sometimes a goat penetrating a tyre is just a goat penetrating a tyre. YouTube

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