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A Dangerous english full movie online free download A Dangerous Son putlocker9, Download A Dangerous Son Full Online. Full movie part 1. Forget these other reviews that yell about child abuse and sensationalism, this was a very disturbing look at the most innocent victims of America's failed mental health system, children. In the 1920's, America had 30,000 mental hospitals, now we have 13. I'm serious. This film shows the aspects of children under our broken system. A system where children are either forgotten, or are put on medication that either doesn't work, or makes things worse. It shows the sadness of parents who are simply told by psychologists that they don't know how to help. As a person who grew up in the 90's, during a time when kids were force-fed ADHD medications, so in my reputable opinion, this film accurately portrays the calamity of parents and kids in this sad situation.

It's a small window into the true life of mental illness and the struggles of those who love them. The people who judge, point fingers, and place blame have never walked a mile in the shoes of severe neurological conditions. This documentary gives a voice to those who suffer. It's up to us to listen. Amazing and shocking! A must see film, it will change your outlook on how one views the disabled and challenge. "A Dangerous Son No Buffering" A Dangerous I recommend to watch In detail here A Dangerous.