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It looks lovely. I feel like this is what queen and slim wouldve been but without the cop getting shot. Important Tips to Start Modeling Career. Where will i find this ? Its not on prime.

It's great to see a movie about black love it's a beatiful thing

He's like our generation's Denzel. When will they make a movie/show about the black Wall street of OKC? That's a true story. Whites got so pissed with jealousy they burnt an entire neighborhood down. Vah even after 2 million years they will show India exactly as it was in 1981. Exactly what we need. More racist theme movies to fuel the political agenda. Perfect! Jewwood has no chill. Was watching this movie with 3 other mates they all slept i thought i am the only one who is in love with thing going onscreen. back to youtube to see so any gud comments.

Have you ever thought about a modelling career but dont know where to start? The world of modeling has something for everyone. Becoming a model can be easy, or it can be difficult, depending on how you approach it. Read the guide below to find out how to become a model. How to Become a Successful Model. 1. Getting Started as a Model If you ask a little girl what she wants to be when she grows up, there is a good chance she will say “I want to be a famous model!” When she becomes. I would like to address the major misinformation Western propaganda is promoting. With that said, I want to first address the basic logical aspect and fallacies I notice a majority of these pieces and arguments hit on. Before even diving into the specific allegations Western media is portraying, we must recognize the following: 1.) Testimonies from "witnesses" are usually an unreliable source for their truth. I first started to notice this claim when studying North Korean defectors, and how m.



Have you managed to see it yet? It is available on Amazon, iTunes, netflix I believe soon. If you have any problem email me at [email protected]



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Mind blowing movies, it seems. Beautiful movie 👏. Another Stereotypical Portrayal Of Same Old Story Where The Woman is In Love With A. Desi Chhora. and her parents are forcing her to marry a Foreign Settled Boy. We came across such concepts many a times in the past except that this movie dont have random dancing and singing. I wanna see this. ADOS united. The movie to me wasn't on track, like I was trying to understand but there were things that confused me tbh and a lot of things that happened was obvious, like you know this and that is about to happen and I didn't like the overuse of when they move one way and bend down then BOOM there's the killer it was very frustrating after a while but they did try and I did get attached to some characters (SPOILER) so when they got killed I'm like noooo o.o.

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Can't wait! Looks amazing. My favourite actor in Bollywood kunal Roy kapoor. 0:58 sara luppa lara luppa 😁😂😂. Thanos could use her to improve the crop in his farm. See movies like THIS always make me return to the theaters. Captain Marvel came to india for meeting krrish, Shaktimaan and 😂😂😂. Now we're talking! Something encouraging! I'm kinda tired of all these Batman, Superman, Spiderman stuff. Let's show ways in which people can merge and make positive things happen for people. God bless us. Jijaji baanjh h. Looks terrible. Im so happy to hear some lines of Gujarati in the dialogue. More violent rubbish... Issa Raes smile does something to my soul 😊.

Sonu Nigam voice 💔💔💔. He do a good job acting as if he is in love with her. Such a fine movie. I haven't seen this movie. hell looks interesting might go watch it now. 😊. The same stereotypes... Is that like a personal attack or something.



Rajkummar 😍😍❤❤. My lovelies together 😘. This is a great combination! 😃😃😃 I wanna see this movie because of Nargis Fakhri! She seems to have done a really good job! This is going to be interesting! 😍. I will definitely be taking myself to the movies to see this one. Looks good. Looks like a good entertaining movie; however, when something is based on a true story I take it with a grain of salt since hollywood tends to be very liberal with the term based. The ad does make me want to see the movie, and also go read about the real story.

Omg weddings and to watch it 😍😍.


Subh Mangal Savdhan.


I wonder if Kal's character is based on Terry Richardson. She hates me. I was taken aback by the thumbnail and the title😂. Cap marvel: pit stop before the thanos fightS.