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Netflix needs to reboot The Wayans Bros. ASAP. I didn't care to much for the film before, but after watching it, I think it is a successful movie! I'm not the biggest fan of remakes, but this one was great. Kanye laughing brought me here. I know it's satire, but this film reinforces the idea I've had for several years, since I saw This is England: We, Argentina and England, are almost brother countries. An immense majority poor and ignored by governments, but with kind, caring hearts and with great respect for the family.

Just watched the movie and I must say it was one hell of a laugh I got! It was so much better than what the trailer gives you. 10/10 movie would watch it again anytime. I don't see the Mexican Armada...


Amazing movie, I was crying a few times during the movie,it was hilarious ! Must watch it again. Best movie ever.


To people judging the movie before even watching, don't! There are twists and they're great and Cate Blanchett is topnotch. Spider-Man, Mysterio and Jane Foster in the same movie.