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One thing that bores me about a lot of crime comedies is that they put so much effort into proving how gritty, cool and badass they are that they forget to give the viewer a good time. Nice Package is a refreshing exception. It certainly doesn't take itself too seriously and as a result, it is just simply good fun to watch.
Quick paced while leaving enough breathing room for healthy dialogue, the storyline has plenty of twists, yet didn't leave me scrambling for the pause button to make sense of it. The characters have depth enough to make them genuinely relatable (some more inexplicably likable than others) and it wasn't long after meeting them that I'd familiarised with their respective personalities, which vary from deadpan dry to comical flamboyance.
There is a very "current" feel to the film with plenty of pop-culture references to dress it with a splash of relevance and slatherings of cool whilst remaining down to earth enough to evade the pretentiousness that often comes with the crime comedy territory.