Hidden Network Come Perdere Una Moglie E Trovare UnAmante

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1978 Come perdere una moglie e trovare un'amante




One of the most horribly annoying clichés in Hollywood romantic comedies is the "meet cute" where characters who are going to fall in love later, meet" under the most contrived circumstances imaginable. I'm not sure when this cliché originated (or when it was dubbed with the stupid, nonsensical term "meet cute. but I think it largely happened after the era of this Italian movie. What's interesting though is this movie is pretty much an entire series of often funny and increasingly ridiculous "meet cute" encounters between an optometrist (Johnny Dorelli)and a devoted wife (Barbara Bouchet) who have both been betrayed by their respective spouses. They first have a car accident where their cars end up "stuck" to each other, then later wind up in the hospital together after bizarre accidents, then go to the same ski resort in the Alps, and then in the most hilariously ridiculous scene are both thought dead and are given last rights by a senile priest who accidentally marries them instead.