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Listen carefully at 1:20 when I- say that somethin (that somethin. Alguém em 2019. All you need is love watch online episodes. Recuerdo en mi infancia que mi papá ponía está canción a todo volumen y se ponía a bailar conmigo con alegria. le agradezco mucho por haberme enseñado esta obra maestra y la mejor banda the beatles ✌️. Thank you. All you need is love watch online movie. Even if you don't like it, this may be the most important piece of music of the last 100 years. Other artists such as MJ or even Sinatra may have changed the world of music, but after the Beatles performed this song on Ed Sullivan, the WORLD changed literally overnight. Before this, the world was about old people, after this, the world was about young people. Just like that.

Música linda. I read that Part of Glenn Miller's In the Mood was nicked in this song. Where is it? Definitely hear Greensleeves at the end. But in the Mood. All You Need Is Love Watch online. Love is all you need 2012 watch online free. Source: This week at Bungie, we had to fix the timeline... again. Sometimes when you kill a bug it doesn’t stay dead. Earlier this week, while deploying Hotfix 2. 7. 1. 1, a small number of servers failed to restart with the proper configuration file. This reintroduced a previous issue that caused some players to lose currency. We had to reset the clock again, and roll back character data to ensure that no one’s hard-earned currencies were lost. To give you some details from behind the scenes, we posted a detailed recap of why this issue reemerged and how we’re working to prevent it from rearing its ugly head again. Player Support has more info below on Hotfix 2. 2 going live this morning and how it put this bug to bed for good. In other news, Crimson Days is back and Guardians are partnering up to show their love. The Tower decorations are up and Lord Shaxx is inviting partners to enter his special Crimson Doubles playlist in the Crucible. For the full details, check out our Crimson Days page or last week’s TWAB. Fronktaline Image Link imgur To invest or to donate? That is the question the community has been pondering since the Empyrean Foundation event began last week. Many in the community are recommending that players keep investing in Obelisks, but we’re seeing a steady rise in donations as players have already hit stage five. We’ve also received reports from Spider that this economic stimulus has been great for his business. Here is a look at current Fractaline donation tracking as of noon PST. Image Link imgur Billions of Fractaline have been donated, but you have billions more to go to reach stage seven and unlock the final Triumph for the Savior Seal. An Affinity for You When we introduced Armor 2. 0 with Shadowkeep last fall, we got a lot of feedback on the new armor system – specifically pertaining to Elemental Affinities. Many of you have been asking for the ability to change Elemental Affinity types on armor. We’ll be adding the ability to do this starting next Season. You’ll soon be able to change the Elemental Affinity on any piece of armor to either of the other two Affinity types directly from the item’s inspection screen by hovering your cursor over the armor's energy icon. This is intended to mitigate the experience of getting an armor drop with a stat roll you want, but the wrong Elemental Affinity. Changing an armor Affinity type will cost 1 Upgrade Module. If your armor is already upgraded to a higher energy level, the cost will be the total upgrade materials necessary to reach that energy value plus 1 Upgrade Module. Seasonal Mods We also received a lot of suggestions on how to improve Seasonal mods. Starting next Season, the Seasonal armor mod socket (e. g. Undying Mods, Dawn Mods) will also be able to use mods released during the Seasons before and after the armor piece was released. For example, armor with a mod socket from Season of Dawn can now equip Dawn Mods, Undying Mods from Season of the Undying, and [Redacted] Mods (from Season of [Redacted]) Iron Banner Image Link imgur As Crimson Days comes to a close, Lord Saladin will arrive just in time to fill the hole in the heart of a less decorated Tower. Red flowers will be replaced with a burning shield as the last Iron Banner of this Season kicks off next week. Iron Banner and Valor Bonus Start: 9 AM PST on February 18 End: 9 AM PST on February 25 This is your last shot to finish your Iron Banner quest this Season and pick up any pinnacle rewards from Iron Banner bounties. Equip your best gear and control those zones! GROUNDHOG DAY Image Link imgur Player Support is the first to field reports of issues in the game. The Help forum is the best way to throw up signal flares if you suspect something is awry. This is their report. HOTFIXES AND ROLLING BACK ACCOUNTS After Hotfix 2. 1 went live on Tuesday, the Player Support team started receiving reports of players missing their Destiny 2 materials and currencies, again. We alerted the rest of the development teams about the issue and the decision was made to immediately take the game down to prevent more players from being affected. Around 4 PM PST, we finished rolling back player accounts and brought the game back online. Earlier today, we released Hotfix 2. 2 which included a server code fix to prevent currencies and materials from disappearing again, as well as a fix for the infinite Dawnblade Super issue. BOND, CRIMSON BOND Lord Shaxx has decorated the Tower and brought Crimson Days back to the Crucible. Along with a partner, you can forge a Crimson Bond with them in the Crimson Days Doubles playlist, earn Confectionary Hearts, and purchase unique rewards. The event will end at the weekly reset on February 18. For more information about Crimson Days, view our Help article. KNOWN ISSUES While we continue investigating various known issues, here is a list of the latest issues that were reported to us in our #Help Forum: Players who completed quests or lost progress, gear, or weapons between 8:30 and 10:30 AM PST on Tuesday, February 11, will have to complete or earn them again due to our account rollback. The " Fire of the Crimson Days " emblem can't be accepted if it's already your inventory. Delete the emblem and accept the new one to continue. Unearned/unclaimed Crimson Days triumphs will be removed when Crimson Days ends and won't be able to be claimed afterward. Players having trouble collecting their Undeterred, SVC-12, or IVC-10 Sparrows need to make room in their Sparrows and Consumables inventory to receive them. For a full list of emergent issues in Destiny 2, players can review our Known Issues article. Players who observe other issues should report them to our #Help forum. Best Picture Image Link imgur Our movie awards may not have all of the pomp and circumstance of the Oscars, but dmg04 always dresses up when he picks the winners. Also, you don’t have to wait a year for more Movies of the Week. So that’s a bonus. Anyway, our award process is pretty simple – we pick our favorite community-made videos and the winners get an emblem. Just please make sure you include your profile link in the description of the video if you win. Movie of the Week: Little Legend Video Link Honorable Mention: I got a Fever Video Link Hard to believe we only have one month left in Season of Dawn. If you’re planning on getting the title before the end of the Season, make sure you start finishing up any Triumphs you need. Looking at the numbers, the community should be unlocking the Empyrean Foundation Triumph soon. We gave you quick look at some upcoming armor changes and we’ll continue to unveil details on what else to expect next Season in the weeks to come. <3 Cozmo

All you need is love watch online hindi. All you need is love watch online season. All you need is love watch online movies. All You Need Is Love Watch. Love is all you need 2016 watch online free. Watch love is all you need movie online. Que genios por favor es inimitable. I get to hold his hand alot hehe 🤪♥️. El amor es la fuerza más poderosa, más que todas y cualquiera que puedas imaginar. El amor es lo que a todos llamamos Dios.

1:24 interesting looking trumpet there. All You Need Is Love Watch online pharmacy. 2. 20. 2020 Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct MegaThread Please use this thread for all pre-event hype and speculation, as well as post-event thoughts reactions. Watch & Discuss The event has now ended Watch VOD on YouTube Chat in our Discord! Recap of announcements Tom Nook has an eye for business. That’s why the staple Animal Crossing character took time out of his very busy schedule to host a new video presentation about his latest endeavor, the Nook Inc. Deserted Island Getaway Package. In the presentation, he details the ins and outs of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, launching exclusively for the Nintendo Switch family of systems on March 20. The video covers everything you, a potential Deserted Island Getaway Package customer, need to know to get started: an introduction to your new island life, the basics of home ownership, details about your new neighbors, land development, exploration, crafting and so much more. “The Animal Crossing games offer players a unique and relaxing escape from the stresses of everyday life, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons builds on that by letting players build their own island utopia from scratch, ” said Nick Chavez, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “When Nintendo Switch owners pack their virtual bags and move into their new island home, they will experience more ways to customize their Animal Crossing life than ever before. Just like Nintendo Switch itself, the game lets you play the way you want to play. ” Before you set off on your own island getaway, check out the full video at. Some of the highlights of Tom Nook’s information session include: Features new to the series! Life on the Island: Nook Inc. confidently recommends a trip to a remote deserted island. And that’s not just because it’s the only company that offers this type of package! On the island, life is as peaceful and relaxing as it gets. Since the island is deserted, you can create your new life from the very beginning – just like a pioneer! Time flows as naturally as in the real world, including seasons and day and night cycles that mirror real time. DIY: By collecting specific materials around the island, you can craft a wide variety of things, including tools and furniture. DIY workshops teach you how to enrich your life by crafting DIY recipes. As you become more familiar with DIY, you can even learn special skills like changing the color of your DIY furniture or decorating them with custom designs. NookPhone: Nook Inc. will provide some basic necessities and services, including your very own NookPhone. It has standard apps, like a camera and map, but over time, new applications will be added to support your island needs. The camera can be used to take in-game photos all over the island – you can even add fancy filters like all the cool kids are doing! Nook Miles: For players looking for more concrete goals, and to help offer guidance and inspiration on the island, you can take advantage of the Nook Mileage program. As you fulfill certain challenges and experiences, you will earn miles to pay off the cost of the getaway package or, eventually, to exchange for in-game rewards. Rewards range from in-game Nook Inc. merchandise and helpful items that can enrich your time on the island, to tickets that you can use to visit distant islands. Island Tours: These “mystery island tours” are at the whim of the pilot, so you never know where you will end up! Once on these smaller islands, feel free to gather as many items as you want – like DIY materials and creatures – and take them back with you to your island. Party Play: With the Nook Inc. Deserted Island Getaway package, up to eight people can live on one island. * In Party Play, you can call up to three other players to explore the island at the same time. Whoever calls the others will be the Leader, making the others the Followers. It’s easy to change out the Leader, letting others quickly take charge. Any creatures or items found by Followers will be stored in a recycle box at the Resident Services building! Land Development: While you can cross rivers on your island by pole-vaulting and climb elevated land using ladders, you can also change the landscape by adding bridges and slopes. Once your island is fully decked out, you’ll receive a permit to freely pave your own paths, as well as perform major construction like changing the paths of rivers or building and demolishing cliffs. With your own maintenance and construction permits, you can flex your creative muscles on the land itself, not just the stuff on it. NookLink: Yes, Tom Nook likes to put his name on everything. But when it’s a Nook product or service, you know you are getting something that’s high quality. With NookLink, which is part of the Nintendo Switch Online app, you can scan a Custom Design QR Code pattern from previous games Animal Crossing:** New Leaf or Animal Crossing:** Happy Home Designer with your real-life smartphone and then download them to Animal Crossing:** New Horizons. When connected online, you can talk with friends who also have the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game with the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app using your smartphone as a keyboard or for voice chat. NookLink will launch in March, soon after the selected departure included in your Deserted Island Getaway Package. A detailed breakdown of the Getaway Package experience! Choose Your Island: Before boarding your flight to the island, you will choose the island from a range of options. Choosing to live in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, for example, will affect the timing of the seasons, so select the location that suits you best. When the seasons change on the island, so do the activities. For Northern Hemisphere residents, spring will just be starting when the game launches on March 20, so expect blooming cherry blossoms to show up soon! Orientation: After landing on the island, you will receive a helpful orientation session from the Nook Inc. staff. At this time, you’ll be provided with the tent that’s included with your getaway package. You can chat with other island residents about where you want to set up your new home, and help them choose their home locations as well. Resident Services:** The Resident Services facility is available to support your daily needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They provide you with services such as the sale of everyday goods, the purchase of unwanted items and helpful advice. Become a Home Owner: The tent provided to you by Nook Inc. is great, but have you considered a house? Home loans have no deadlines, interest or assessment, and you can pay your loan back at your own pace. A house offers much more space than a tent and also includes storage space for any extra furniture and baggage. Once you own a home, you can channel your inner interior designer, setting up the walls, flooring and furniture however you like. You can also use extension and remodeling services to expand and customize your home even more. Customization Deluxe: Animal Crossing:** New Horizons offers more customization options than ever before, from personalizing the look of your character all the way down to skin tone, hairstyle and clothing, to placing buildings and items wherever you want on the island. You can even decorate the inside and outside of your home! Turn that island into a MY land! Airport: This is the first place you will land on the island. (It is an airport, after all. ) It’s also available to use 24 hours a day, beginning on the day after your arrival. At the airport, you can invite residents of other islands to your own island via the internet or local wireless. You can also travel and visit other islands yourself! Up to eight people can play on a given island at one time**, so feel free to get a good group together and make some fantastic memories. Island-wide Broadcasts: At the start of each day, Mr. Nook, CEO of Nook Inc., will make a broadcast to all residents, updating them with the latest on important island events and advice about how to best enjoy island living. Features and updates to further your island enjoyment! New Residents: When you first land on the island you will only have a few animal residents living there with you. But as you develop your island from the ground up, more neighbors will visit and choose to move in. You can even invite some of the new residents to live there yourself! There’s nothing better than a welcoming neighbor. Free Updates: Free updates will be added after the game launches, with seasonal events continually added throughout the year. The first free update will be on launch day, March 20. By installing this update, you can celebrate Bunny Day with a special event in April. If you own both Animal Crossing:** Pocket Camp for mobile devices and Animal Crossing:** New Horizons, you’ll receive special items in each game. Details will be announced at a later date on the official Animal Crossing:** Pocket Camp Twitter account. Additional Facilities: As you grow your island, more facilities will be built. This includes a museum showcasing the rich ecosystem of the island, a shop full of ready-made furniture and goods you can’t craft yourself, a tailor offering clothing and fashion items, and a campsite where you can invite guests for recreational purposes. Tourists & Events: Your island will not only be home to new residents, but also tourists as well! These temporary visitors are always welcome and can offer up items that cannot be crafted on the island. Visitors can also participate in fun events like Fishing Tourneys and Bug-Offs, which will pop up throughout the year. Through free updates to Animal Crossing:** New Horizons, new special events and seasonal guests will be introduced. amiibo Support: Animal Crossing:** New Horizons supports amiibo figures and amiibo cards from the Animal Crossing series. You can also invite these familiar faces to Photopia, an island that exists in the game, where you can place models in creative photo shoots. Twitter Takeover: Keep an eye out for social media savvy Tom Nook, who is rumored to take over the @AnimalCrossing Twitter account right after today’s video presentation. Animal Crossing:** New Horizons launches in stores, in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch and on on March 20 at a suggested retail price of $59. 99. In addition to the game, players can accessorize with Animal Crossing:** New Horizons Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite Carrying Cases, available in stores at a suggested retail price of $24. 99 each. A special-edition Animal Crossing themed Nintendo Switch system will also be available in stores on March 13 at a suggested retail price of $299. The system takes design inspiration from Animal Crossing: New Horizons (sold separately), with lovely pastel green and blue Joy-Con controllers that are white on the back, with matching pastel green and pastel blue wrist straps and a white Nintendo Switch dock, adorned with images of characters Tom Nook and Nooklings Timmy and Tommy. For more information about Animal Crossing: New Horizons, visit. Remember that Nintendo Switch features parental controls that let adults manage the content their children can access. For more information about other features, visit. *Up to eight Nintendo Account holders can live on the same island within each game. With one Nintendo Switch system and one game, up to four of those Nintendo Account holders can play on the same island at the same time (additional accessories required). With additional systems and games, up to eight players can play on the same island at the same time via local wireless or online play. Nintendo Switch Online membership and Nintendo Account required for online features. Not available in all countries. Internet access required for online features. Terms apply. Games, systems, additional accessories and Nintendo Switch Online membership sold separately. **Additional games, systems, accessories and/or Nintendo Switch Online membership required for multiplayer mode. Sold separately. FAQ What is a Nintendo Direct? A Nintendo Direct is a pre-recorded video presentation to make game announcements and provide fans with general updates directly from Nintendo. What is the difference between an Animal Crossing Direct and a standard Nintendo Direct? This presentation will ONLY include information about Animal Crossing, unlike a traditional Nintendo Direct that would focus on a variety of games and topics. This one is approximately ~25m in length. What if I can't watch the Nintendo Direct live due to work/school/etc.? If you would prefer a spoiler-free experience, we will be editing the top section of this post to include a direct link to Nintendo's official video replay (once it's available). We will also edit a recap of the announcements into the post body. Just don't scroll down! This helps prevent you from accidentally seeing any trailers or video thumbnails if you visit Nintendo's YouTube channel listing or the Nintendo Direct website. There WILL be spoilers here on the subreddit, so watch the video first! If you see any posts that should actually be here in the MegaThread, please do us a favor and hit the report button. Our SOP for posts is as follows: We will allow one post per announcement. The post we allow may not necessarily be the one that was submitted first. We typically will receive about 15 of essentially the exact same post in the span of about 60 seconds and will select the one that has the best title and links directly to the original source when available. Commentary on the announcement(s) should take place either in this thread or on the related separate announcement post. Each person's specific opinion does not need its own post.

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All You Need Is Love Watch online poker. All you need is love watch online youtube. All you need is love watch online torrent. All you need is love watch online now. That música was beautiful. All You Need Is Love watch online. All you need is love movie watch online. Im honestly 12 almost 13, and I grew up loving older songs like this, this is one of, if not, my favorite song. 3:14 Yes he's dead. In the light of recent BSG ass linking that took over this sub, I'd like to provide an alternative point of view. The game is better than it has ever been, and yet it's a pretty low bar. No amount of criticism on this sub or anywhere else can hurt the game or the devs. It's a right of every paying customer, especially when it's a fundamentally valid criticism. BSG are not fucking saints. This will be a long one. Let's take these one by one. Let me start off by clearing up an important piece of terminology, namely BETA tag that EFT so proudly shoves in your face. BETA is term in software development that represents a stage at which a certain piece of software is already feature complete, but may lack some "meat" in terms of content and requires additional polishing and testing before release. If while reading this you'll happen to get a sudden urge to type a response along the lines of "but it's only a BETA, so... ", just don't. Instead fuck right off and educate yourself on the matter. This game is a classic early access. It's been in a beta about 4-5 years ago, and then it was released to the public in an unfinished state. You're paying for an access to a service that is being continuously developed along the way. Just like any other multiplayer game that's being developed for years after release. In this case release date is just an arbitrary point in time at which developer deems necessary to put 1 instead of the leftmost 0 in the version number. They could do it tomorrow, they could do it in couple of months with a major patch, or they could never do it. It doesn't fucking matter. You paid for an access to a service, you've got it. Do not voluntarily forfeit your right to access this service only because of the "beta" tag. 0. 12 patch was a biggest patch that EFT has seen up to this date. It came with a great new map (kudos to level designers who visibly improve with each new creation). A hideout that adds another layer of progression, yet very little substance while adding weird mobile-like mechanics, pushing players towards click buttons every X hours just to facilitate some mundane crafting task. Much needed optimization improvements were deployed. It's far from being great, but it's noticeably better. They've added Jaeger, who on his best day is only slightly more welcome than hemorrhoids. Weapon presets are fine, but UI/UX, as per tradition, is abysmal. Was it a good patch? Sure. But besides unity migration and optimization improvements, it was mostly a content patch. The audio is horrendous and still in the works. The skill system that is completely out of place ( my other, more in-depth post on this particular topic) get's a shoehorned hotfix soon after 0. 12 release, yet doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon. Twitch drop event nuked server infrastructure, so much so that we're still feeling the fallout. The market is a pointless flip-fest exacerbated by bots, that basically forces you to camp trader resets in order to get those juicy barters and ammo trades at decent prices (hello mobile-like bullshit again). UI is still designed by the coder who implemented it (that's my personal little nightmare as a front-end dev). FOV slider is still vertical and fucks with your aim. That's a list of technical and design problems from the top of my head, but it goes on. The point I'm trying to make here, is that despite a sizable chunk of content being recently added to the game, pretty much all of the fundamental technical and design flaws have not been directly addressed over the past year or so. It's not a good pace of development, nor is it a good place to be for a game in an early access. Which brings me to a criticism part. Criticism is what makes products better. Some of it will be baseless, some of it will be fundamentally valid but without proper argumentation, and some of it will dissect the problem better than devs themselves could ever hope to. If there's any silver lining to an early access development model - a constant stream of feedback is probably it. Telling people to shut up and stop criticizing the project is fucking moronic. I don't know if its paid bots, or delusional fanboys who can't help themselves giving an imaginary blowjob to all-mighty Nikita, but the sentiment is both pathetic and sad. Don't stop criticizing. Do it properly, do it thoroughly, but don't stop. You're not hurting anyone by voicing a valid concern. Even if a similar topic was created yesterday. The servers are fucked today even more so than yesterday, so what's the problem? At the very least you're facilitating a discussion, which is always good for a project. At best, you're providing a direct input to developers. Yes, yes, devs are supposedly working on resolving an issue already. But an extra post or ten, or 100 does not affect their dev-ops team in any way shape or form. The only good time to shut the fuck up about a particular issue is when a patch with a fix is deployed on the live serves. Lastly, remember: BSG are not fucking saints. I've saved this part for the last because it will be the most controversial one. And probably subjective to some degree. BSG is mid-sized (80+) Russian studio, that grew from AbsolutSoft - originally a bunch of friends who decided to make, a quote: "COD-like shooter within a month". The shooter in question is known to history as Contract Wars. A browser game on unity engine that later received a standalone client version. For most intents and purposes the game was trash. F2P and P2W, microtransactions, rampant cheating and absolute lack any meaningful novelty. It's not a game that would ever receive a spotlight on international market. Yet it made profit in it's weird filthy niche. So, as Nikita Buyanov puts it himself, having some cash on their hands and experience behind their belt, they decided to start a new project. This time hardcore, novel and "for the soul". You may be wondering where is this info coming from. Well, some years ago, long before actually playing Tarkov, I remember watching this vid where certain Nikita gave a speech along the lines of "how to create a shooter within 30 days and grab some cash". After all these years the speech itself was a blur, but what I remembered vividly from that vid was a mood of incompetence and stellar fucking greed. Yesterday I dug up and rewatched this video. Now before you proceed to watch it, a disclaimer - it's in russian. It happens to be my native language, but for most of you reading this, it probably won't be. Those of you who're both interested in BSG/Tarkov background and are fluent in russian, I strongly urge you to watch the video fully. For the rest of you, I'll take the liberty here to pinpoint and translate a several key points that strike me as most significant. Note that translation is not meant to be word-for-word, but is meant to convey the exact (or as close as possible) meaning of what has been said. Also this video is from 2015, the time when they started working on EFT as a project. And if you remember Tarkovs early years, you should know they're nothing like today. BSG's early access policy and pricing changed, CEO no longer throws tantrums on this sub, and battle eye is an actual thing in this game. So at least some lessons were learned, but not all. 17:40 - "Balancing premium (paid with $) features. Balancing premium features is a nightmare. If you're going to balance premium features like weapons or certain services in a live project with online over 8000, it's just a nightmare. Be ready to be hated by players, while some will actually love you for it. There's duality to this situation" 19:18 - "Technical problems related to growth. It's the problems of lacking hardware power. It's overload due to online, overloads of databases, overloads of web servers, overloads of login servers, master servers, overloads of masters servers that handle the game list. Long story short, back-end infrastructure of Contract wars is about 20 PC's that handle only DB's and about 45 servers that handle game servers themselves. I can tell you that combined, we're spending about 2 mil rubles on server infrastructure per month. " 23:10 - "(Audience chooses a story from development to talk about. Someone chooses "stolen content") Stolen content, I knew it! Long time ago, it was in 2010, we were very few and in order to somehow prototype the project we used models from other projects. A little bit. And as we tried to implement something new in terms of gameplay, we did not concern ourselves with what we're taking and from where we're taking it. And to be fair, we didn't think we would go into release this way. But some people appeared that started to really press this issue, started threatening us with legal action, started to send us some angry letters, I remember it was at the beginning of December 2010, we were forced to throw out (a lot of assets), and within a month to month and a half to catch up the missing parts. In the future, this portal which pushed us on this issue, started stealing assets from us. 27:08 - (Nikita is running out of time, and is skipping slides, thinking for the most interesting parts to squeeze in. He's not specifically talking about it, but the first bullet in the slide reads: "Eternal open beta syndrome ( pros - fuck ups and imperfections of the game can be written off on the beta status, cons - you can't keep it up forever, people will start leaving)") 28:41 - (Nikita demonstrates a slide labled "Reasons for Contract Wars success". Ironically blue 50% of pie chart is "backend infrastructure") 35:18 - (Q&A started. Q: "In your game, if you paid $ and got this EXP 3x boost, in your global rating the multiplied rating is displayed and counted. Meaning if you paid you are guaranteed to be on 1, 2, 3rd place. A: "Not necessarily. You can pay, but keep playing like a noob. Kill 3 and good bye. Q: "My first feeling was demotivation. I see paying users in the top. Why has such a decision has been made? A: (proceed talking random stuff about other projects like WoT)... "In general there are 2 sides of this medal. First is to make it clear that there are premium users and that you can get to the top by paying. We have to make money, right?... And then there's the fact that it's demotivating for players who are not willing to pay extra at all. " 37:88 - Q: "What change has affected your monetization most of all? " A: "Great question. Roulette. Yes. Roulette, people are buying attempts (at rolling items) like crazy, and weapon customization improved by like 35-40%. In other words, some features that keep players in the game. For player to pay he has to stay in the game for longer. One way or the other. " 39:09 - (Talks about hackers for some time, how the game funnily enough balances itself out when there are too many of them. Everyone has a WH, so it becomes like a built-in feature, just looks different.... Stops and thinks weather or not he wants to say something else on this topic in front of camera) "Ok, i'll say it. They are a serious issue that works two-ways. For me it was a revelation, how you take it is up to you. If there are a lot of hackers, people start to spend more on premium features. Because they are creating discomfort for other players. And the main rule to force premium on the user, comrades, is to make him uncomfortable. He thinks "You bastard! ", buys all the premium fluff he can get his hands on thinking he will win, but nope. It's a dead-end kind of thing, but it increases revenue for sure. We improve (cheating countermeasures) regularly, implement more and more complex solutions, and we clearly see correlation with reduction in premium purchases. " Take from this info what you will, but I personally, draw several specific conclusions. They're not new to backend scalability issues. It's been a continuous issue on their previous project. Obviously not on the same scale, but one might think they could have learned a thing or two. And for the larger project used a fucking AWS or similar service that provides both on-demand vertical and horizontal scalability. But no such luck. As a result their PR department outdid themselves and servers are still melting. Nikita seem to be a huge fan of aggressive monetization techniques. Their previous project was straight up P2W bullshit, with paid services like clan system tackled on top. Tarkov has a retail price tag, with EOD premium version that for all intends and purposes is a soft P2W. (And again, before you reply with "GiT GuD! iTs nOt P2w! ", fuck right off and educate yourself on definition of P2W in games. Economic advantage is still an advantage, it has direct gameplay implications in EFT, and it's purchasable with cash) Premium version of EFT are designed to create a visible discomfort for non-paying user leaving enough room for premium users to keep repeating "but it won't win you the firefight". It's merely a middle ground between providing a direct advantage in a firefight for money, and just selling cosmetics or fluff features. In this case I find degree of the issue absolutely irrelevant. The game is ether free of P2W elements, or its P2W; Cheaters turn out to be surprisingly handy for MTX business. Who knew idiots are THAT abusable? To sum things up: People running BSG started off by producing FTP P2W in-browser cashgrab. They've faced a lot of problems along the way, but it seems not all of the lessons were learned. Now BSG are selling premium versions of an unfinished game, which is a travesty in it's own right. Without release date in sight, they sell future DLC's which is equivalent of selling air. But of course, the main feature of the premium package is in-game advantages and QoL improvements. That's what truly pushes the sales forward. None of the "loyal fans" who purchased EOD did it to support the devs. Buying 3-4 extra basic copies of the game and giving away the keys never even crossed their mind, although it would support the devs even more, by growing the community. They bough EOD for a significant advantage that it provides. No, it won't save them from 995 piercing their skull. But in no way does it change the fact that they are paying to get advantage over a significant portion of the user base. A moron who bough ESP hack can also be out-aimed, it doesn't make him invincible, but It doesn't make the behavior any less shitty. I'm all for Tarkov succeeding as a game. EFT came a long way and has a great deal of potential. But I refuse to shut up about the issues. And I refuse to give any sort of respect to developers with such an attitude towards their player base. PS: I've spent several hours on this write up, and another hour trying to finally post in on this sub through auto-removal by mod-bot. Thank you mod team for clearly stating limitations and that the much more straightforward synonym of "cheating countermeasures" can't be used. I had to "divide and conquer" this whole write up multiple times to find a single phrase that bot doesn't like.

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Before we begin, make sure you’ve read (or at least know about) the following articles: SCP-579 SCP-055 SCP-682 You’ve probably heard of those SCPs, since, y’know, two are on the heritage collection, and the other is a classic. Either way, they’re (mostly) necessary to the article. I’ll give a short summary of each anomaly we encounter, though. Additionally, as a disclaimer so I don’t get sued by A) Tanhony B) Modulum, and C) You, this is my interpretation of the piece, which is also by coincidence the correct interpretation confirmed by Tanhony. I have to include this disclaimer due to recent legal issues, and the fact that Modulum is pointing a gun to the back of my head right now. Is that good? Alright. So, my fellow scholars, strap on your seatbelts, grab the family, and let's get right into it! Part One — “Why? ” To kick it off, we’ve got a safe anomaly, short containment procedures, and a short description. Breath of fresh air, since the other X000s are longer and are either Keter or Thaumiel. However, similar to the other X000s, the meat of the article is in the addendum. The conprocs are pretty straightforward: keep SCP-5000 offline, and all the files from it inside a safe database. Relatively simple. The description tells us that SCP-5000 is a mechanical suit called the “Absolute Exclusion Harness, ” which (although it is now badly damaged) was once designed to protect its occupant through various means. However, due to the damage it received, it is now only capable of basic file storage — the files contained are attached in the addenda. The second paragraph is where things get interesting: the suit appeared in SCP-579’s containment chamber with a flash of light on April 12th, 2020, and contained the corpse of a man named Pietro Wilson, who was (and apparently still is) employed by the SCP Foundation. The actual Pietro Wilson is currently alive and well in Exclusionary Site-06, and mnestic therapy has revealed he has absolutely no memory of the events detailed in the addenda. For the record, an Exclusionary Site is a special kind of site which is resistant to CK-Class restructuring scenarios or temporal anomalies. So that’s nice and all, but how did some weird suit end up winning the 5000 contest? Well, my friend, we still have the addenda. And oh man, it’s a good one. It begins with a log written by Wilson himself, saying that he may be the only one left. He tells us the date (January 2nd, 2020), and says that if he didn’t get to the Absolute Exclusion Harness… and then trails off. Thankfully, he fills us in on what happened in the next log. Wilson describes how a Mobile Task Force called Zeta-19 ("Lonely Only") — which he hypothesizes as Insurgency Infiltrators — rounded up all personnel working at the Exclusionary Site, and then began to fire indiscriminately at the crowd. He managed to escape and put on the Harness (which makes its wearer conceptually invisible), and watched as they went back, ensured everyone was dead, and then left without taking anything. Quite spooky. Wilson reaches a safehouse, and drinks some water, commenting on how the Harness removes the need for drinking or eating, but his body still craves sustenance. He mentions hearing explosions on the way there, and then tries to get the computer systems back online. When he does, he discover the Foundation’s sent this message to every single government, news organization, and anomalous group: The following is a message composed via consensus of the O5 Council. For those who are not currently aware of our existence, we represent the organization known as the SCP Foundation. Our previous mission centered around the containment and study of anomalous objects, entities and other assorted phenomena. This mission was the focus of our organization for more than one-hundred years. Due to circumstances outside of our control, this directive has now changed. Our new mission will be the extermination of the human race. There will be no further communication. Oh. Wilson gives us a short table of how the Foundation is using anomalies to fuck everyone over big time. Some examples he provides are 096’s pictures being circulated on the Internet, 662 being used to assassinate political leaders, 610 being distributed in major cities (though it’s stopped by the GOC and Church of the Broken God), and 682 simply being released. We get a short TV snippet of a woman warning people of the viruses that the Foundation’s circulating, and what to do to survive. Unfortunately, she’s cut off by all TV and Internet in the world shutting down. Oh well. Wilson gives us some character development, and then says he’s heading over to Site-19 to figure out what the fuck’s going on. While approaching Site-19, Wilson stumbles upon a group of MTF preparing. The Commander goes up to the first one, stabs him in the shoulder, and then tells him to get the wound fixed. He then does it to the second one, followed by the third, fourth, fifth, etc. When he stabs the eighth, however, the soldier flinches in pain and reacts, prompting all the other soldiers to fire upon him and kill him. The Commander stabs the final soldier, and they all move out. Wilson takes some medical supplies from the corpse, tries to bury it, and gets a move on. The next part is a bit disconnected. Wilson stumbles upon an old radio, which repeats the same message on a loop. The voice is male and around his age, and says: Seven. Five. Can you hear me? There is a hole shining in the holes between your eyelids. I have never been to Versailles before. I want to be loved. Nine. I am standing behind you now. I am two of us, standing behind you now. The goddess eats the city in the sea. There's a hole in the floor with an answer waiting in it. Seven. Look, you're hatching. You're hatching! Fives, sevens, and nines, as well as numerous other weird imagery. What’s weirder is that, when Wilson turns the radio over, he sees it’s damaged beyond repair — and the message stops as soon as he sees it. We’ll have to get back to this later. Wilson explains that he can’t travel by car for risk of being noticed, since the Harness doesn’t affect vehicles he’s in, and he’s likely to be attacked. He also questions why he’d want to go to Site-19, but he comes to the conclusion that it’s because he wants answers — even if he gets killed. Upon entering Site-19, he comments on how he’s creeped out by Foundation researchers going about their business, “discussing how to get maximum human casualties like it was something they'd always been doing, ” as well as their eyes lacking a “spark. ” Wilson steals a keycard, and discovers some (albeit redacted) information on what happened before the Foundation went omnicidal: Project PNEUMA is marked by the O5 Council. It’s a mass-amnesticization project similar to “KALEIDOSCOPE, ” except it focused on the human psychosphere, otherwise known as the collective unconscious. They made some kind of breakthrough in mapping it out, but what exactly is redacted. The O5 and Ethics Committee have votes, both of which are unanimous for something which is redacted. A series of (redacted) instructions are sent out to Senior Staff and Site Directors, followed by a wave of suicides and resignations. One of those is Doctor Charles Gears, a scientist known for expression very little emotion. A set of papers is sent to the remaining Site Directors and Senior Staff, with instructions to disseminate it to all employees working under them. It’s accompanied by the phrase “harden your hearts, ” and all suicides/resignations cease afterwards. All human and human-sympathetic anomalies are terminated, and the Foundation sends assassination teams after all resigned personnel. MTF are sent to execute everyone at the Exclusionary Sites, and after that, they declare war on humanity. Wilson attempts to formulate a theory as to why the O5 are doing this, but he can’t come up with anything. He also includes an update list of anomalies they’re using to attack humanity: 1370 spews propaganda on television; 1678 is nuked; 1048 is rampaging in the streets of Paris; and 1290 is being used to attack something called “Genzir, ” which is a GOC fortress designed to house humanity’s survivors in the case of an XK. As it turns out, the Foundation is having a lot of trouble breaking in there, and are using ungodly amounts of anomalies to crack it open. Wilson comments on how he’s going to do more investigating, and then— [FILES DELETED] Oh, wait what? We’re introduced back to Wilson saying that he has no memory of the past three months, and all the files from that time are deleted too. Apparently, Wilson should be the only one capable of doing that, so take that as you will. He’s now half-way across the country, and “feels like he has a purpose” — he isn’t sure what it is supposed to accomplish, but he’s got a briefcase in his hand with something “not round” inside, and he needs to get it to SCP-579. Oh yeah. It’s all coming together. Wilson mentions that 579 is pretty far away, and that he’s probably walked by thousands of corpses. After seeing the corpse of a boy with worms that had the boy’s face on them, he stopped burying them. We also get even more [FILES DELETED], and we’ll be seeing more as we progress. Apparently, SCP-055 is serving as Wilson’s personal “skip button” — whenever the going gets tough, he opens the briefcase, and he’s a mile further ahead, as well as feeling afterglow, as though he was given a pep-talk. He compiles another list of anomalies the Foundation’s dealing with: 2000’s been blown to bits when the Foundation erupted Yellowstone; 2200 was duplicated, and is now piling up with thousands of killed individuals, repeatedly crushing them; 2241 is being forced to attack large groups of survivors, though it was redeployed to help attack Ganzir; and 2639 was convinced to attack GoIs, until it figured out what was going on and refused to help. Wilson stumbles upon a group of GOC soldiers, and manages to access their database. We get a quick interview log between two GOC members and a captured MTF agent. The agent is apparently the first to ever speak to the GOC, and cites the only reason he’s doing so is because he met the interviewer before, and finds it humorous. They scan his mind for kill agents or cognitohazards — none — and attempt to question him on why he’s killing innocent people. The agent simply calls the GOC hypocritical and says that “Professor Crow’s Europa” will burst into Ganzir, and there’s nothing they can do to stop it. Then we get this odd exchange: Commander Morrison: If you've just spoken up to talk nonsense, we can always try enhanced interrogation. I don't want to, but I'll do it. Samuel Ross: ( laughs) Do what you want. Once you realize you're not supposed to feel pain, there's nothing to be afraid of anymore. Commander Morrison: What do you mean by that? Samuel Ross: You… (Pause. ) Samuel Ross: No, you wouldn't want me to say. Commander Morrison: I very much do. Samuel Ross: I'm not talking to you... then. Commander Morrison, the interviewer, then demands that the agent spits it out, to which the agent asks for additional confirmation. They do another check and, yes, no kill agents or anything else similar. They confirm, and we get another odd exchange: Samuel Ross: Fine. [INAUDIBLE] (Pause. ) Commander Morrison: I … I didn't catch that. Doctor Rhodes: You'll have to speak up. That microphone only has so much gain. Samuel Ross: [INFORMATION EXCISED] (Commander Morrison and Doctor Rhodes can be heard screaming loudly. Wet cracks and sounds of rushing wind are also audible. The screaming, which grows higher pitched over time, continues for the remainder of the recording. ) Samuel Ross: Look what you've done to yourselves. I told you you wouldn't like it, didn't you? That's why you hear your voice. But you wanted to know so badly. I really liked you guys, so I was trying to be nice. We're so kind to you, you know. We fight in the light so you can die in the dark. (Pause. ) Samuel Ross: …disgusting. You getting some deja vu? Right after this interview, Genzir gets ripped apart by both inside and outside forces. The GOC is done for, and the Foundation’s ready to continue killing humanity at large. Wilson finds it difficult to continue, and questions why he’s even going to 579 in the first place. We get another table, and it’s revealed that the Church of the Broken God is now leading the fight against the Foundation. Despite this, The Foundation uses 3179 to cause in-fighting between the three CotBG groups, and continues their assault unhindered. As we approach the end of the files, shit gets weirder. Wilson mentions two peculiar things: The Blinkers and the Stretched Man. The blinkers appear to be a 650-MTF hybrid; they’re people made of stone with razors for hands that move when you don’t look at them. They also lack eye sockets, and are unconditionally hostile. Wilson comments that he needs to avoid them, since when he looks at them, it forces them to stop, and they might deduce his presence and start slashing everything in sight. The second thing is much, much more odd. To quote: It was on the horizon, like a person stretched out - no, that's not the best way to describe it. It was like the space around them was stretched out, and they were being stretched along with it, like some kind of bad photo-shop effect. Their body went from the ground up to the clouds, and their jaw swung at right angles. There were these gaps, as well, black gaps in space around its body, like wings. It just floated forwards like that. And the weirdest part? The Foundation is attacking it. Whatever this thing is, it’s not on their side, and seems to want to protect humans, for whatever reason. We get one more log informing us that the Serpent’s Hand/Wanderer’s Library cut themselves off of this universe, and the Foundation made it Christmas everywhere constantly to allow 4666 to attack everyone. Midway through explaining, though, Wilson says “fuck it. Nobody's ever going to read this anyway. ” We’re given a scene involving Wilson stumbling upon a girl wearing a bright red amulet — SCP-963, aka Dr. Bright. (SCP-963, for those unaware, has Dr. Bright’s soul locked in it, allowing him to possess other people’s bodies). After a lighthearted exchange, the two discuss what happened and their future plans. Dr. Bright claims the second file (with the phrase “harden your hearts”) was just a bunch of encoded messages in the form of pictures with eggs, trees, and religious things. However, Bright wasn’t affected properly due to SCP-963. We also get this hint: Pietro: (sits down) So it was a memetic agent… Girl: (frowns) Don't know about that. I've pretty much had everything that can happen to me, well, happen to me. I know what a memetic agent feels like. It didn't feel like that - more like I was being released from something than something being forced on me. Interesting. In any case, Bright says he has no clue what’s happening, since he can’t remember the first file, and he’s going to throw 963 into 1437 — a hole which connects to parallel universes. She leaves, and Wilson leaves shortly after as well. Our next log is Wilson at the edge of Site-62C, the location of SCP-579. The place seems abandoned, which is odd considering that 579’s file has incredibly extensive containment procedures. As soon as he enters, he knows that whatever 579 is, it knows he’s there, and he gets the feeling of fight-or-flight “dialed up to the max. ” He enters the building. Unfortunately, he’s not alone. (View is the inside of a hallway within Site-62C. Severe damage is visible on the walls, appearing as if it was done via usage of a large knife. The lights overhead flicker. ) Pietro: Fuck. Fuck. (The lights flicker again. When they come back on, a statue of a soldier with blades for arms is visible underneath them. It has empty sockets where its eyes should be, and its face is locked in a snarling expression. ) Again unfortunately, Wilson was also right about one more thing: the Blinkers know he’s there since they can’t move around, but they don’t know where — so they begin to slash everywhere. Wilson needs to get to 579 before they do, and in a stroke of luck, he gets there right before them, locking the thick doors behind him. There’s only one issue, though: SCP-579 is located at the bottom of a hole in the containment unit. The briefcase containing 055 can get down there, but it won’t make contact with 579 unless it’s thrown from the bottom. The fall is so massive, though, that he’d die shortly after hitting the ground. He has no answers, he’s not even sure if this will do anything, and he’s going to die anyways from the Blinkers. He has no choice, so he does the only thing he can: he jumps. The article ends with this this image of SCP-579, and a final note from Wilson: Oh … so that's how it is. LIFE SIGNS LOST Part Two — Why? So, what the fuck? If you’re confused, you have every right to be. I’m certain you’ve made a few connections during the course of the article, but overall, things don’t seem to make much sense. Here’s a list of questions you may or may not have, and which we’ll be trying to answer today: Why SCP-055 and SCP-579, and what did bringing them together do? What does pain have to do with anything, and why are Foundation agents immune to it? Who is speaking on the defunct radio, why, and what does it mean? And why can Wilson hear it when it’s broken? What is “Project PNEUMA” and “KALEIDOSCOPE, ” what were the results, and what did the O5/Ethics Committee vote on? What happened to the Senior Staff/Site Directors, and why such extreme reactions? Where was Wilson during those three months, and why did the files get deleted (and more files kept getting deleted)? Who is the “you” Samiel Ross was talking about, what was the expunged information, and what was he talking about in the final line? Why does the interview log parody SCP-682’s, and what happened to the Commander and their assistant? Who is the stretchy boy and why is the Foundation attacking them? What did Dr. Bright mean when he said it felt like he was freed from something, rather than something being forced upon him, and why wasn’t he affected? What does the image at the end mean? What the fuck caused all this? All of those are excellent questions, and I’d like to address the second-to-last one first, since it’ll provide us with some more clues. Opening the image in a editing program (in my case, ), we can turn up the saturation a few times, and we end up with this. A series of various colored pixels can be seen along the left side. But what does it mean? Well, our good friend Brewsterion has us covered: when you run the original image through this, you end up with the following conversation: My hands shake as I hold the document. "This is confirmed? " He nods. "We got the report from PNEUMA staff yesterday. It's everyone. " "Even us? " "Even us, Tejani. To think I'd find myself agreeing with that damn lizard…" "What do we do? " "You know what we have to do. We'll have to disseminate a cure, I think, among personnel before we get things underway. It'll try to stop us otherwise. " "God help us, One. " "Don't be like that, Tejani. That's IT talking. " Tejani, for those unaware, is Tanhony’s headcanon name for the Ethics Committee Head, as described in numerous of his articles. However, the secret messages don’t stop there. If you’ve read the actual article, you’ll probably notice that at the end, there’s a large blank area. That isn’t just there for aesthetics — if we go into the source code of the page, we’ll find one side of a dialogue between two people. It… doesn’t make much sense though: You said invaded, right? Might be one of the last times that happens. Right. Don't say that. It must be worse for you. That's what everyone says after they find out something they don't like. Jesus Christ. It's not something that can be hashed out in a few hours, man. Can you be quiet for a minute? Of course I can't. No, not yet. The feeling of being invaded. Why not? Don't say that! Don't even talk about it. We should have left well enough alone. I keep thinking, like, it would be better to end it all. Not with what we found. How long are they going to take? But it's not like that. Everything I am. You know what they'll say. It is me. It's over. It'll take time. You're germophobic, right? Did you get a reply? We shouldn't have looked. You too. I doubt anyone's going to be talking about anything else anymore. I feel sick. Ooookay then. I’d also like to address a point that most of you understood, but some of you might still be confused by, especially if you’re part of the outer fanbase and read very little on-site: what’s the deal with 055 and 579, and what did bringing them together do? To answer this, we’ll need to go on a little history lesson, and take a look at two other articles: Roget’s Proposal and SCP-2998. Roget’s Proposal (which has an awesome declass that you ought to check out) is about a facility which houses hundreds of anomalies that self-contain each other. Two anomalies will be paired up within rooms, and each one’s anomalous effects cancel out the other — if they stop interacting with each other and breach, it causes a CK-Class scenario which redefines physics to accomodate for the anomalies. We get a quick log of anomalies that self-contain, with many details regarding their self-canceling. However, we find that 579 and 055 contain each other, with the only phrase being an ominous “Can't fit round pegs in square holes. ” SCP-2998 extrapolates on this relationship further. In the article, an alien race attacks Earth and essentially takes over humanity. During the final iterations of the article, we learn that the Foundation has essentially broken down, and there’s only a few people left. One is hiding in Site-62C, and he contacts Maria Jones (head of RAISA), who tells him to get SCP-055 and transport it into SCP-579’s containment chamber, which should “fix everything. ” Upon doing so, and accessing the next iteration, we see the entire page is blacked out, and the iteration after that is simply gone. The final iteration has everything returned to normal, and the Foundation is going along its merry way. Coming back to SCP-5000, we can see that the SCP-055/SCP-579 combination supposedly resets the universe back before shit went wack. The exact mechanism behind this is unclear, but once they make contact with one another, it stops whatever XK-Class is going on and prevents it from happening in the first place. Hypothetically speaking, the 055/579 combination is the final and most powerful deus ex machina the SCP universe has. Finally, let’s address “KALEIDOSCOPE. ” KALEIDOSCOPE is a mass-amnesticization project explicitly mentioned in SCP-4156, and is used to collectively brainwash and program the inhabitants of SCP-4156. Project PNEUMA, presumably, is something similar, but it seems as though it didn’t quite go as planned and didn’t follow through. Now that we got all those out of the way, it’s time to start dissecting the piece, and discover the reason Why. Part Three — Why. Let’s do this. Our first point of interest is the series of events leading to the declaration of war. We know that Project PNEUMA discovered something while mapping out the collective unconscious, and that the O5 had a vote on whatever it was, followed by the Ethics Committee voting. Then, they send out sets of instructions, followed by Senior Staff and Site Directors either committing suicide or resigining. Followed by this, they send out the second document (which was apparently some kind of non-memetic agent according to Bright) and the suicides/resignations stop. Directly after this, they kill human and human-sympathetic anomalies, and declare war. The secret message in the image comes into play here. O5-1 mentions disseminating a cure amongst the staff “before we get things underway. ” This means that this took place before they sent out the “cure” to the other personnel. Additionally, this seems to be before the Ethics Committee vote, since the EC Head (Tejani) has just found out about it. We can also make some inferences about what “IT” is. Presumably, whatever this thing is, it is affecting every single person on the planet at the time of discovery, including O5-1 and Tejani. Additionally, O5-1 and Tejani are terrified, and have not yet exposed themselves or the staff to the cure, but still have come to the conclusion that they must “get things underway. ” This seems to imply they planned to kill humanity from the moment they discovered “it. ” Also, apparently, whatever they “cured” from their minds would have stopped them from killing everyone if they had left it in there. Let’s move on to what happens next. A series of instructions are set out to only Senior Staff and Site Directors, followed by mass-suicides and resignations. After this, they send out the “non-memetic” agent, which stops it all. Accompanied with the message is the phrase “harden your hearts. ” Considering what we know from Bright, and that “it” was already present in the collective unconscious, as well as the fact that the killings started after it was disseminated, I think we can come to the conclusion that the second document is the aforementioned “cure. ” The first document, however, is still a mystery. It could be possible to assume that it was some kind of memetic agent, but the phrase “harden your hearts” in the second message seems to imply that the reaction was not something the higher-ups intended. Most likely, the redacted instructions contained whatever horrible truth the O5 and EC found out, as well as the instructions on what to do from there. This is further supported by the fact that the instructions were limited purely to the highest ranking staff. A final point of interest in this section is the Ethics Committee. The Ethics Committee doesn’t usually vote for no reason — on the contrary, the Ethics Committee votes on ethical issues. That’s, well, their job. You should notice that they voted unanimously before sending the first documents out, giving us the presumption that they voted on the ethical implications of instructions. But wait a minute! The Ethics Committee unanimously voted in favor of the instructions, then, meaning that they must have been moral and ethical. If that’s the case, why did the Site Directors and Senior Staff react so violently? In order to answer that, I need to redirect your attention to two lines from the rest of the article: Once you realize you're not supposed to feel pain, there's nothing to be afraid of anymore. And: We're so kind to you, you know. Both of these lines were from Samuel Ross, the captured Foundation agent from the Ganzir interview. The first seems to imply that humans are not meant to feel pain. The second line seems to imply that the Foundation killing humanity is a kindness rather than fucking omnicide. However, both of these give a clue as to why the Ethics Committee would vote on something that would make important personnel’s stomachs drop — very likely, the Ethics Committee deemed it ethical to exterminate the human race. We’ll discuss the specifics soon. That was a large amount of info-dumping, so let’s recap this and clear some things up before moving on: Project PNEUMA succeeds in mapping out the collective unconscious, and are shocked to discover “IT” inside our brains. It turns out this encompasses everyone on Earth. The O5 are absolutely terrified, and agree to enact a plan to exterminate humanity. The proposal is sent to the Ethics Committee, which concurs. The instructions are sent out to the Site Directors and Senior Staff, presumably containing the details of “IT” and the plan to end humanity. The staff are appalled, and some kill themselves at the realization, others resigning (potentially to escape) The O5 Council disseminates the cure to all high-ranking personnel, with the phrase “harden your hearts. ” The suicides and resignations cease, as they are now free from “IT. ” The Foundation is “cured, ” and commences the plan to end humanity. Additionally, we learned more things about “IT”: “IT” is something present within all humans’ collective unconscious. “IT” is responsible for pain, and likely other negative aspects of humanity. “IT” is apparently capable of preventing the O5 from killing humanity. Let’s start jumping into what “IT” is a bit more closely. You’ll notice that up until now, I’ve explicitly avoided using the word “psychosphere, ” instead opting to say “collective unconscious. ” Although both are mentioned in the article, the collective unconscious is extremely well-defined and is a bit more specific in its definition. To quote Wikipedia: The term "collective unconscious" first appeared in Jung's 1916 essay, "The Structure of the Unconscious". This essay distinguishes between the "personal", Freudian unconscious, filled with sexual fantasies and repressed images, and the "collective" unconscious encompassing the soul of humanity at large. “These ‘primordial images’ or ‘archetypes, ’ as I have called them, belong to the basic stock of the unconscious psyche and cannot be explained as personal acquisitions. Together they make up that psychic stratum which has been called the collective unconscious. [... ] My thesis then, is as follows: in addition to our immediate consciousness, which is of a thoroughly personal nature and which we believe to be the only empirical psyche (even if we tack on the personal unconscious as an appendix), there exists a second psychic system of a collective, universal, and impersonal nature which is identical in all individuals. This collective unconscious does not develop individually, but is inherited. It consists of pre-existent forms, the archetypes, which can only become conscious secondarily and which give definite form to certain psychic contents. ” For those of you who need a TL;DR, the collective unconscious is essentially the universal consciousness underlying within every person. It consists of patterns and behaviors (such as instincts) which are inherited from our ancestors. According to Jung, the creator of this theory, the collective unconscious “exerts overwhelming influence on the minds of individuals, ” and humans attempt to fit themselves into roles designed by this collective unconscious. Although the theory has been called pseudo-scientific, if it’s good enough for the Foundation, it’s good enough for us! Besides satisfying my psychology fetish, this tells us something integral about whatever is residing in humanity. “IT” is a portion of our collective unconscious, meaning it was inherited from our ancestors and probably present within the human mind for quite a while. Additionally, it has a massive influence on the human mind, and is identical among all individuals. Oh dear. This does, however, explain why Doctor Bright isn’t affected by the “cure” — his mind is in the amulet, which is designed to preserve his consciousness. Although the body he was in might’ve been cured, he was not. I don’t think a 14-year-old girl would be employed by the Foundation, SCP-963 or not, so we can assume that he transferred bodies sometime during the omnicide. He’s still under the effect of whatever “IT” is. We can continue to glean some information from the hidden text in the source code. The phrases “we should have left well enough alone, ” “not with what we found, ” and “we shouldn’t have looked” seem to imply that the person talking is a Foundation member, and was closely associated with Project PNEUMA. Twice, the researcher refers to the “feeling of being invaded. ” Obviously, “IT” is the thing invading. However, the implication is that “IT” is somehow capable of invading, which would mean it’s potentially sentient. We’ll see some more proof of this hypothesis soon. That’s great and all, but although we understand the thing’s characteristics, what is it? It’s like we’re looking at the edges of a painting, but not the painting itself. Well, surprisingly, we already have seen the true form of “IT” in the article, we just haven’t realized that we’ve seen it. You’ll recall that the Foundation was fighting a specific anomaly towards the end of the article — a tall, stretched out image of a person with gaps in reality for wings, floating forward, with its jaw swinging at right angles. Nowhere else in the article do we see the Foundation fighting an anomaly; except, of course, eradicating whatever “IT” is. It might be a stretch, but it seems we have our culprit! Wow, I’d kill everyone too if I saw that thing in everyone’s heads! I’d find it… disgusting. It’s probably the reason why SCP-682 hates humanity, and why the Foundation finds humanity disgusting in the article. So, let’s recap again! The entity is present within the collective unconscious of humanity, and has an overbearing influence on humanity’s unconscious minds. The entity is responsible for a number of negative aspects of humanity, including pain. The entity was not originally supposed to be within humanity’s collective unconscious, but some time in the distant past got in there, “invading” humanity. The entity can subtly influence people’s behavior, but cannot control people (as they would’ve stopped the O5 in the first place). SCP-682 knows about this entity, and it is the reason why it hates humanity. Great! We’re slowly starting to build a picture of what’s going on. However, in order to finally tie everything together, we’re gonna need to look at probably the most confusing part of this article: the radio. Admittedly, I couldn’t get this, so I asked Tanhony himself for some clarification on what the heck I was reading. Let’s delve into this. First and foremost: the radio’s bonked. It’s not actually playing a message, and we don’t see an anomaly in the article capable of playing messages (especially as weird as this one) through broken things. Plus, Chekhov’s Gun. It’s safe to assume that this is some kind of hallucination. Another point to add is that the voice is specifically mentioned to be male and around Wilson’s age. Considering that this is a hallucination and your own voice sounds different to you, it’s another safe bet that this is Wilson’s own voice. But we still need to remember Chekhov’s Gun — why would Wilson suffer from a hallucination randomly? Well, Wilson is a human, and he wasn’t cured. He’s being influenced by the entity. This is the entity’s attempt at communication. In the article, the entity repeats the numbers 5, 7, and 9. Those numbers, although not in the right order, are the same numbers for the designation of the anomaly in Site-62C: SCP-579. The entity wants Wilson to look into 579, for whatever reason. There’s also references to other events happening or that will happen, such as the destruction of Ganzir. According to Tanhony, “that’s just the way that the entity speaks. ” Things begin to fall into place from here. Wilson, under influence from the entity, decides to go into Site-19 and investigate. After concluding he needs to investigate more, the three month gap occurs, and he has 055 and is heading to 579. Whenever things get rough, Wilson “skips” using 055, and returns feeling as though he had a prep-talk: likely due to the entity’s encouragement to get to 579. Additionally, the entity probably influences Wilson to delete files he creates about 055/the entity, in order to not give away too much about itself. In the Ganzir interview, the “ you ” Ross referred to was the entity. Additionally, whatever excised information was, it allowed the Commander and their assistant to “hear their own voices, ” which they were terrified by (potentially, they also learned of the truth regarding the entity). While they were panicking, the Foundation bursts in with Olypmia and fucks everything up. The pep-talks Wilson receives begin to weaken significantly once Ganzir is destroyed. This is likely due to the entity being targeted and killed by the Foundation via its manifestations and the death of humanity. Everything seems to wrap up here, though there’s still one big elephant in the room: the entity’s motive. Although it isn’t revealed what the hell the entity is doing, we know it has humanity’s survival as its best interest — obviously, since if humanity dies, it goes with it. It knows about the 055/579 deus ex machina, and influences Wilson to combine the two to prevent The Foundation from ending the human race. When Wilson delivers 055 to 579 and resets the universe, humanity lives on with the entity. That's when the disturbing truth hits. Based on the reactions of those who discovered the entity, as well as the fact that it's responsible for a number of humanity’s negative aspects, we know the entity's motives are not good. It's so bad that the Ethics Committee finds it more ethical to end the human race than let the entity do its own thing. And Wilson just reset the universe, allowing the entity to continue on its merry way. The Foundation losing was the bad ending. And on that terrifying note, we conclude SCP-5000. There's a TL;DR in the comments since I hit Reddit's character limit for posts.

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