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I loved Destiny 1, but lets not look at everything with rose-tinted glasses and pretend it was perfect. "And He Fortified It, and Made It a Place of Strength" The Villain's Dungeon. BIG Feat Overhaul thread by Draza. I SOLVED IT! I solved Fortnite Chapter 1 and all of the Tapes and Theories. Every question is answered, but it will change your thoughts about Chapter 1.


This is * not* a guide or walkthrough. Just a comprehensive collection of answers to common questions, including questions many didnt realize they had. I refine and add to it every league where I can. These are arranged in the order of about when one would need these little nuggets of info. So experienced players may want to skip to Act 5+ onwards, at least at first. [Changelog] edition_things_i_wish_i_knew_sooner/fahvucj/ from 3.8 Edi.

1. "And then the wolves came." 2. "And thats why its hard for me to buy pants." 3. “What do you mean its infected?” 4. “How far do you think I can throw this hammer?” 5. “I swear to gods it was just two goblins in a trench coat” 6. "and that's the second time I got crabs." 7. "And I said to *him* that's no displacer beast, that's *my wife. 8. "That's not beer they're drinking." 9. so I told myself, Mario, take it easy! 10. "No Jane I'm not going to your stupid baby's baptism to Tiam. I'm Lily Madwhip and I Just Want to Go Home. I felt the Underdark is just known for it's terrifying aberrations, so let's make some homebrew to allow DMs to show a less-lethal side of the underground world, let's make some slightly more natural creatures to this place! 1.) Haurchint: Bioluminescent fern-like plants with medical properties. Can replace any ingredient in a healing potion. Commonly found in areas with other harmless vegetation. 2.) Kiperu: Small feathered creatures, with two claws they use to climb rocks, hold food to eat.

I was a housesitter. Rising Tide: Update 26.1. I met twelve-year-old Bradford only an hour ago. Now his head is smashed in and hes lying in a pool of blood in the middle of my basement floor. The police will be here any minute to arrest me, no doubt. Theyll gather testimony from the other three boys that were here tonight, then from the nearly one hundred other boys that have visited my basement over the past seventeen years. Alright, writing that down makes me sound like a pervert, but Im not a pervert. Lets get that out there. Thi.

TDIH 17 April 1960 The Ford Consul taxi driven by George Martin taking rock ‘n roll legends Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent to London Airport crashed, killing 21-year old Cochran and injuring Vincent. [Source. DRY DOCK. The Dry Dock has arrived - its time to prepare with a new QUEST: RISING TIDE. By the end of this quest youll have assembled a Railjack, but it is not ready for flight. One of my fellow players was considering letting my character die because "We might need the spell slot later...





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KEVIN's cymbal's blows my mind. My My,Hey Hey.

Just look at the bunny's face when he sees a ton of pancakes LOL




How is this 1080p NaNi. NEVER! I don't wanna think it's dead/dying, we just don't get enough of it nowadays. Showed this to my deaf friend he asked me what was he listening to. ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. Lord, We crying while dying inside. When does this hell end? I see why mfkers sell their souls. This a hard life. Not a good look Diddy, not a good look. I feel manly again. The intro is stunning. I miss them so much. I think Freddie would have loved and been honored by this tribute.

Soad forever sz. I'll never forget that first two albums I bought with my own money. Green Day's dookie, and Tom Petty's wildflowers. I was born in 85 and I believe I got both of those albums when I was 9 years old in the 4th grade. And to this day I am a fan of basically anything with a guitar in it. The first musical Revolution I remember was grunge. I fucking hated at the time, but now it's funny because Soundgarden and Alice in Chains are two of my favorite bands. Primus will always reign supreme, and right after that will always follow Dream Theater, Lamb of God, and Between the Buried and Me. After all the two best guitar players of all time are John Petrucci and Django Reinhardt. So there it is folks some insight into my fucked-up view on music because I was born in 1985.

Me: sees that this still hasn't hit 1B views* Me: SPARE ME MY LIFE FROM THIS MONSTROSITY. My early childhood plane crash trauma. We love you Ozzy. I am 42 as of 2015... I first heard this when it came out. When I listen to this, I get shivers, goose bumps. Such a beautiful album. Cultural change killed popular music as an art form. To be clear, plenty of people are still producing rock etc as an art form, it just doesnt matter to young people. It was always young people who drove the cultural tsunami that was 60s, 70s, 80s and early 90s music as an important part of the zeitgeist. Music was identity, comment, art and protest. Music just doesnt matter as much anymore. Ironically, or perhaps not, theres more music everywhere but it doesnt capture the imagination of young adults like it used to. Why? I dont know for sure, but the internet, Hollywood and the rise of gaming all play a part. I agree that quantisation, and a reduction in the opportunities for musicians to play live again and again and again reduced the number of people who could play in a particular way. The Beatles played 6-7 nights a week for months in Hamburg but with DJs this stopped being common. Records were like precious artefacts, hard to get (the cool, interesting ones) and expensive for teenagers. Nobody battles in the streets based on their music style identity, not that this was a good thing but it showed how important music used to be. Mods vs Rockers, Skins vs Punks etc. Perhaps that time has just run its course.

0:48 Is that mountain Artesonraju (The Paramount mountain.


El rock nunca muere Intro song by EL TRI DE MEXICO.


For me I only attacked this goth guy and chick because they were making fun of me. Damn so many people still making MONEY off of Biggie and Tupac. I wonder how much of the proceeds from all of these movies and TV shows the family gets (if any. Knowing how Puffy operate probably nothing.-ksw. I like how the question marks make the dramatic description seem random.

1:43 best moment.