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It's a return to the hippy lifestyle of the 60's. Very interesting but I don't think I could do it. Good luck to all who try it, though.
Helps to have a hot wife.


Well yup, kept scared in all ways, scared of them out there, scared we will not be good enough without, scared people have more, keep up or you are worthless, its how it is, to break free is to be happier, i stopped watching tv, just youtube and netflicks, adblock on 24/7, i do not need to be told lies, thank you.
Like this video, I will buy a million dollar rv, and buy the state of Wyoming...
There are people who likes to stay in the house and watch tv. There are people who loves to explore different places. I live in a big house but I never use the living and dining room. I always go to explore. I think van life suits me.




Great video. So much truth being shared. I wanna hear the full story of the guy who flipped houses to retire in a van. The one who arrested 300 people, that guy.



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