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It just feels like a third Hellboy movie. I'm in! It's kind of like a good streaming show. Still in! Maybe too faithful to the source material. Getting my tickets now! But I do respect that it earns its R rating with gruesome and disturbing scenes. Aaaaand I'm out. My favorite movie. It looks good but I dont feel like idris is a threat. I hope hes not just a generic bad guy. Also are we going to to forget Shaw killed Han in F&F5. We definitely need to see more.

Me : doing homework Grace uploads video Me: Stops and enjoys video. Tell Him Its From Me. Im still his father, i can give him stuff. I've watched this so many times already it looks amazing. Decent low budget transhumanism propaganda flick. I found it interesting. Its not as bad as people make it seem. Problem is most people have the attention span of a peanut. Beyond gay!😭😂😂. This is gonna be an amazing movie. Hands down. Chunky if he saw Saw. It looks exactly like the original movie. We are literally being fed the exact same movie and the animals look like they have no emotion. Not excited.

'If you ride like lightening, you're gonna crash like thunder.' love that line. Max Cady alive and well sitting behind Grace. I cant wait for this to come out. This movie has like 2006 animation doesn't look that great. For some reason I kinda like it. Even the first movie. Tho I had question about how the first movie guy manage to retain his memory when his brain got transfer to robot alien body. was it for Family also. Ahahaha. Soo American cant even destroy one ship but a country that seem poor and countryside-like village can. How. Why. Well I dont care, cant wait to watch it. Hopefully the first movie robot good guy is in it. if not then I'm gonna have more question on my mind...

Grace I was literally laughing with you this looks awesome and thanks for your always on time reviews🙂. I can see this doing fairly well- certainly being Jims biggest hit by far. Accessible ‘indie arthouse is a decent target. You get the Arthouse crowd (wholl find it too mainstream but still get the in jokes) and the mainstream who WANT to see an indie artist but can never muster the effort will go to this as a taster and a chance for something less tailored to mass taste. This fits the bell nicely. Will need a tighter trailer tho for #2 probably... MCU is great, but THIS shows how DC (edit) brings a surprise to every film. Something to be said about that rather than the same oh same oh.

Favorite movie of all time for me I feel like I relate a lot to Luke not having a Dad. I'm just obligated to see it. Skyline is one of those one-off movies that I often feel nobody else remembers. Ewan looks good lmao. Omgg i was waiting for this. ❤️😭😂.