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Writer: Anton Posa

Resume: A kiwi-born ad creative who tweets very little about advertising, and a whole lot about the NRL, Supercoach and The Warriors. You've been warned.

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Ιστορία αγάπης Watch streaming sur internet. Love is timeless, of course, but relationships look different in every era. Drake Doremus has struck a nerve with "Like Crazy, which might eventually be seen as the seminal romance for the as-of-yet unnamed generation who grew up with the Internet.
The story focuses on a long-distance relationship, which while not a novel concept, takes an entirely different shape in an age of text messages and instant communication halfway around the world. That's particularly important in "Like Crazy, which must establish conflict between a character in Los Angeles and one in England.
Jacob (Anton Yelchin) and Anna (Felicity Jones) meet at school in L.A. and fall in love. After graduating, when Anna's visa is about to expire she makes the decision to violate it and stay longer in the States. When she makes a trip back home and then returns to the U.S., she gets denied entry into the country. The two must then reconcile their future and their relationship.
"Like Crazy" keeps a consistently organic and genuine tone, so it's no surprise that Yelchin and Jones improvised most of their dialogue based on a general plot outline. Both actors, especially Jones, communicate powerfully with non-verbals to build the authenticity of their chemistry and the story in general.
Time moves in interesting ways as a result of this premise. Doremus and and co-writer Ben York Jones decide to focus on the blossoming moments of Anna and Jacob's relationship in a concise fashion, putting a lot of pressure on the believability and chemistry of their relationship. It works, but even more commendable is how they do it without depicting their first kiss or when they have sex for the first time, something that a Hollywood film wouldn't even think to do. Doremus seems much more interested in capturing Jacob and Anna's affection and longing for one another and in doing so we relate to the film better. Few people have Hollywood-style sex or the perfect first kiss.
With their relationship paramount to the plot, Doremus and York Jones have to press certain buttons and place obstacles in their path in order to generate a substantial amount of conflict, especially when Anna and Jacob are not in the same country. You can't blame them for forcing it, but they use some sledge hammer symbolism that could've at least been toned down. This occurs in the moments when you least like the film, namely when Jacob and Anna start exploring other people played by Jennifer Lawrence and Charlie Bewley, but it's the kind of dislike that occurs because the film is doing its job.
The jarring way in which Doremus and York Jones shoehorn conflict into the film or what they believe are subtle messages conveying how the characters feel and whether they're meant to be together is really the only big problem with "Like Crazy." It's noticeable, but will be easily forgiven by those that connect to the story and identify with the characters and their problem. Probability is extremely high that you've experienced something they endure or an emotion one of the characters deals with.
With so much human interaction occurring on cell phones these days, you'd have to imagine it pretty tough to capture that on film in a natural way, but Doremus nails it. If you're younger, you've had text message conversations with people exactly like they do, and on an even more nuanced level, you've had the same conflict of emotions they experience while doing it: typing a response and deleting it, ignoring the text or responding and feeling guilty.
Also noteworthy, Doremus borrows a lot of techniques from music videos to help communicate the change in time. When Anna and Jacob are in the throes of love, for example, he treats us to a rapid snapshot montage of them cuddling or sleeping in various positions and with varying degrees of clothing. Nothing groundbreaking there, but it gets the point across and the job done while also being visually memorable, which the best romance films find a way to be.
The ambiguous ending and the turmoil that precedes it in the last 40 minutes of the movie will likely split opinion, but based on the bulk of the movie, you can tell that a fairy tale ending isn't what's in store. It could be that way while also being satisfying, but it doesn't tarnish the success "Like Crazy" has portraying 21st Century love in such a real way.
~Steven C
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