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The Voice should be thankful to JEJ because he revived the viewer fanbase of their show... Thats a FACT.

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Hey bro click love on this comment so I get notified when you reply. What is Torrance like? I might play football at the college there on Crenshaw. Its like i've played this video a million times and i didnt get bored 👏👏👏. Online jade vincent harris in south central la usa state. Death of a loved 1 will motivate you to kill 💎.


Past Scorpion: I will assist you. Past Raiden: I won't listen to you Scorpion. Scorpion stabs Raiden a lot. Scorpion: Raiden, you must listen. Brilliant Stuff. Goosebumps. Hey bro, where ya been homey? I bet uve been busy dawg! 😎😎😎. Online Jade Vincent Harris in South Central, LA, usa and canada. So we juss gone act like bro aint ghost ride the whip the whole damn time😭. Start a blog with all the hood graffiti in south central. Another case of the cover being a gazillion times better than the original. I love when he did that run and Adam and John look at eachother like “oop 👀” and pressed their buttons 😭😭😭😩.