Rocket Science Mega full cinema tablet

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Rocket science. First ill start off with the bad. This movie follows no guild lines what so ever. The plot is, in short, nonexistent and many ends are left open. But thats not to say this is a bad movie. Its just a movie that leaves you hanging. To me it felt like Rocket Science cut off mid-movie. It's about a boy with a stuttering problem, that joins the debate team because of a girl. This girl pretty much avoids him once he crosses the line of student coach. But instead of giving up, he decides to prove that he could beat her at the state championships. So he tracks down her old partner, who is a legend in the their debating world. But as soon as they start giving their speech they get kicked out because they lied on the application. So they both leave, and the boy gets into the car with his dad, talks about love, and it ends. Leaving you with no answers, no ending story, nothing. To me this was a movie 1/2 done. But the 1/2 that was done, was done very well. So thats just my 2cents, please comment if i missed anything major, because i really liked the parts that were done, and if im just misunderstanding the movie, i would love to hear other views :D.