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The presence of Jimmy Wang Yu is what makes this particular 1970s kung fu movie stand out a little from most of the countless others made in this period. He's in good form here, and when he is on screen and in action, the movie has enough spark to grab your attention, particularly the awesome action packed last fifteen minutes. Unfortunately, the bulk of the movie simply isn't very good at all. Though it's a quest for vengeance, it's not only an extremely slow-moving quest, it is also a very confusing one. I was paying close attention, but it didn't take long for the plot to become hopelessly muddled to me. To top things off, the fight sequences without Jimmy Wang Yu are not particularly well choreographed or directed. I would only recommend the movie to Jimmy Wang Yu fans, and only if they have fresh batteries in their remote so they can zip past the many drab parts and get to the parts where they can see their idol in action.



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