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Disney's 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs': Still the Fairest of Them All




Who searched this on google and it came out July 25 and I was like “is July 25 even a thing I thought it was only- ohhhhhh there is a July 25 Im so dumb” Thats 100 percent of what I thought lol. Is it just me or the dwarf with the black hair and blue shirt is so freaking cute in his human form.


AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO IS GETTING MAD FOR THAT BOY. Its like a mixture of Snow White, Tangled, wizard of Oz, clash of clans, and more. Perhaps. Gosshh the boy in blue looks like an angel he's sooo handsome and he looks like a kpop idol with a mix of anime lol😂😍. Say hello to my little friend. My dirty mind. Lilly Collins is really pretty and a fantastic actress lay off the hate (her eyebrows are fine your just finding one of her few flaws. Well. 2019 definitely doesn't believe in loving ur body.