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It's proven this group is a theatre group. And how shameless they've been all these years. God damn hypocrite. I was talking to my dad and he fought in the Iraq war and his uncle fought in the Vietnam he doesnt talk about it at all one time I asked about it he didnt say a word its hard dealing with what you done in war its sad and war makes men mad.

I'm Korean but unlike the other beta Koreans being sorry doesn't exist in my book. What happened is in the past and that's all that matters. If this portrayal of Koreans is too much for you then let me guess, you're 16? wait til you grow up kid, when I was your age, I felt sorry for everything, but then after several years, you hit this next level thing called 'reality' and it can hurt. my advice to krn bros? stop being sorry about this. if you were dragged into a war that's not even yours and you know you have a starving family to feed back home, you'd be pretty fucking filled with adrenaline to survive in extremely hostile environments and return back home to their fatherless families with just a few bucks made just for participating in the war. Our ROKs fucking showed em to not ever fuck with us, or we'll do 10000x worse things than these. tl;dr - be unapologetic; be forward-thinking.
Sorry vietnam.
Who else thought that was Keke Palmer for a minute.
Blue and white platoon kentucky.
Just finished seeing this movie. This is a GREAT movie that was long overdue! A must see film for all! πŸ‘πŸ‘.

W*w.* l so there are differences being rapist of war, you must be kidding me. Everyone knows about Syria, but no one knows how to stop it The US knows how to stop it but you all hate when we try to help. White pontoon boat. White platon. Felt the impact of this trailer all up and through my heart and chest. Looking forward to it. Netflix & kill. White rabbit song platoon. Welp Netflix you sure did a damn good job and making me sure to NEVER subscribe again. Lewi white platoon. Platoon hey white boy.

THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG IN HIM. HE IS JUST THERE. THANK YOU FOR TRUTH OLIVER STONE. DOC ROC. SADF. SOUTH AFRICAN SPECIAL FORCES. SF. EAGLE CO MARINES. 85 / 89. SWA / ANGOLA. Blue platoon white platoon. White rabbit platoon youtube. Kentucky white platoon. White platoon. This is the best-edited trailer I have ever seen.

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As someone whose never read the books or played the games. This was LIT. Mammookka as unning. That looks awesome. Ji indha movie oda link venum tamil link venum. Just finished seeing this movie. This is a GREAT movie that was long overdue! A must see film for all! πŸ‘πŸ‘. Nice, Terrorists now get awarded for commiting war crimes. Yes they were cruel, yes they were ruthless, but thats what made them so damn effective, and thats why they were the most successful at completing their duties, no matter the cost. 0:58 it's Bella all over again. My grandfathers friend who served as a Major in Vietnam said that ROK troops would move through their sector and kill everything that moved (which I assume means killing whole villages) and they were good soldiers. I also read that in the war they ended up ambushing the VC more then the VC ambushed them, which the US never did iirc. I'm not totally surprised because Asians are very intelligent and cunning for the most part.

Actually wasn't a bad movie at all.

Something im definitely going to watch even on dvd release love the story concept

Ahhhh i have watches this movie 4 times. Do you know what vehicle that could destroy all marching tanks? Β Here's a rplanes. Im most definitely going to watch this when it comes out it looks like a badass movieπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯. This is why I don't say, I'm not prejudiced! I say, I hope I'm not prejudiced! I may still be engaging in behavior that just adds to the problem, despite wanting to, or thinking that I do otherwise. Educate me! If I'm screwing up, let me know.

Every white savory movie Ive every seen summed up in just a few minutes! Lol πŸ˜‚





Platoon. Rotten Tomatoes, home of the Tomatometer, is the most trusted measurement of quality for Movies & TV. The definitive site for Reviews, Trailers, Showtimes, and Tickets. Platoon - Movie Review. A brillant movie, timeless in its execution. Most veterans, with whom I've spoke, indicated that Platoon was the closest to how things actually were over there. For the history buff, this would give you a fairly accurate glimpse into the Vietnam war through a cinematic perspective.