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Open torrent sockshare mercy 2016. Open torrent sockshare mercy corps. OK let's start with a confession, I really liked this movie. Yes, I feel a little ashamed to say it, I watched what you might call a Lesbian slasher movie and loved it, but I think I loved it for all the right reasons. At least they gave us reasons to like it. One of course is Peta Wilson who is dazzling and quite seductive.
The seduction was not all Wilson, however, it was heightened by some very nice tight shots of `casual' and not so casual touching. A hand on back, dropping lower as it goes back to holding hands, dropping in for a light touch on the small of the back, always moving making Ellen Barkin's character comfortable with the touch. This movie really knows how to tease and create suspense.
That is not to say that it is the best script, there is a tendency in this movie to drop broad plotlines in lieu of character development. I remember early into the movie going `Oh, Peta Wilson does Sharon Stone' blond, bi, killer. What saves the film is that it transcends each movie that it rips off. Peta is not Sharon Stones Basic Instinct character. The doctor is not the doctor from (e-mail me if you really need to know it is a spoiler to name the movie and this one is too good to spoil.
Quibble time. What is it with these picture window shots. The psychiatrist in this movie does his work in a room with a wall sized picture window. Albeit he has privacy, but I sure wouldn't want to be talking about myself in that room. (I also Watched the Astronaut's Wife (now there is a really lame movie with a good little twist at the end) the hospital room has one of these windows. Recovery open to the world, not for me thank you)
Ellen Barkin, what is up with her? Her character was out of place in that her gratuitous sex scene seemed to be just that. Who she picks up makes no sense and has no continuity.
Finally a word about the ending. It makes sense. It is what you do for someone you love when there is nothing left to do. You do what they couldn't, you take care of something that was bothering them, and in the process you do the right thing. Maybe the movie could have ended at the final murder scene, but the ending was satisfying because it is what I would have done for someone I loved.




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. This was a good movie a little deperessing but good story.