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Fabrica de jucarii. I find some of the comments on here ridiculous. Are we really comparing this to the Exorcist? REALLY? I'm sorry, but there isn't a child's movie out there that doesn't have a villain or an evil character. Otherwise, there'd be no point to it. I watched this when I was very little, and loved it. In fact, it was a favorite of mine. And my childhood wasn't "destroyed" or whatever you all are saying. I loved the songs and the characters. It's fun, and I recommend it for anyone. A great family movie. Kids will enjoy it, I can promise you that. In fact, I'm on this page today because I remembered how much I loved it, and I wanted to watch it again. But the reviews shocked me, and I had to comment.

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We all know Walt's love for Rankin/Bass, so they're all here. I made this for myself, but I wanted to share it, too. 1951. The Honeymooners First Christmas. 1952. The Colgate Comedy Hour. Abbott amp Costello [ Westinghouse Studio One's The Nativity. 1953. The Spirit of Christmas. sp. [TOMT] movie] possibly eighties or earlier, battle of toys in the makers house.




Babes in Toyland (TV Movie 1986. Babes in Toyland is an American punk rock band formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1987. The band was founded by vocalist and guitarist Kat Bjelland, a native of Oregon, along with drummer Lori Barbero and bassist Michelle Leon.


Babes in Toyland (operetta.






I am playing this song in my orchestra. This was the best part of the movie for me. This and the battle that followed. When I was a little kid, watching our recording of this movie on VHS, this part just drove me insane. I loved it so much I was begging my parents to tell Santa I wanted the toy boat with the cannon on it, the one that you pulled the sailor's head and it fired. Even now, over twenty years later, I still love this scene to death. It's awesome.

When i was a kid i just had to have a horse like that. I wouldn't believe my dad when he said there was none available. He tried to have one made out of a broom for the head and a steel drum for the torso, but it wasn't the same. He put me on it and turned on this musical piece and it was Toyland after all. Magical moments. Thanks for the post i hope this never is removed from Youtube. The best scene of my childhood, ever.
@RGN07 - My pleasure. I was so entranced by it, I stayed to watch it round again. My parents almost called the cops out, I got back so late.
Beautiful use of stop motion, the effects here are great for the time period.

I can't tell what it was with you all. This movie changed everything at home. My parents loved it and so did my sister and I. My father taught me all there was about savings and economics with it. He taught me to save my money and go down to a toy store where the soldiers were on sale and I bought quite a number of them. I can still remember what t was to open the box and take out the flashy guy with that smooth brand-new odor. I remember all my toys. but these in particular made history. It was definitely the most beautiful toy-prone-time ever. And we'd have to be thankful about that. We appreciated our toys and they were good real toys for real. Not goofy soldiers, stupid costumes, boring fun-less games, wrestling hodge podge, dumb monsters and vampires and ugly-idea trash in plastic you find today. Nothing against wrestling. just such a sad way to market the thing. Boy those were the days...

Bill Justice did a fantastic job with the stop motion animation just like with Noah's Ark. Best Place to Watch Babes in Online Babes in mobile download Watch Babes in movie watch Watch Online Instagram Watch Babes in Toyland Online In...


Greatest movie of all time. Are those soldiers magic or are they little animatronics with voice control. He got good throw far. Get a spear. 1:33.