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Traviata. This production of La Traviata from Busseto made me want to visit its Teatro Verdi because it is everything that an opera house should be. It seems to be about the size of your local village scout hut and, in fact, seats only 350 people, giving a wonderful intimacy to the production. The set consists of just some steps, which serve for each of the four scenes. Everything else is done with a few net drapes, some lighting and a lot of imagination. Presumably, the opportunity to work in such an intimate setting was what attracted two of the biggest names in opera to Busseto, the director Franco Zeffirelli and, as conductor, Plácido Domingo. Traviata rose. Traviata la. Traviata bag. Traviata roh.


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Bravo! Bravo. Angela Gheorghius 1994 Covent Garden Traviata is the best you can possible find. Please stop immediately. Out of all of the performances I've heard of this song, Fleming's has left me in awe every time I listen to it. I don't know what it is but, it's performed by her perfectly, in my opinion. She has the joyful, independence Violetta portrays but also the deep longing for love which shows in the song. Also, Calleja's Alfredo in this performance truly takes my breath away. His emotional singing just speaks to me, especially the ending with the lines Mysterious, exalted. Both pleasure and pain. I honestly love this rendition of Sempre libera more than anything else. 10/10.

What's with this shitty lighting nobody looks good under that. Very nice this opera. There's another version of La Traviata with Renee Fleming: the one with Villazon as Alfredo. She sings much better there. Don't know if it's age, or she just had a bad day when this recording was done. Probably the latter, as I've seen her in the Rosencavalier last week, and she was sublime. Just got my tickets; can't wait.