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Download Utorrent freeware. Use it on a Mac to avoid malware often included with the torrents. If you have a pc, scan with malware bytes every day or so to rid yourself of malware buried in your downloads. Use any browser to look for torrents. The movie title and year with dot torrent after it, no spaces, will find all the torrents on the net. Pirate Bay is consumer oriented, largely without advertising (on a mac) but doesn't have every single torrent out there, tho it has more than any other torrent site. Click on 'download torrent' on one of these websites. Utorrent will bump the torrent onto its browser in the downloading column. It will be queued there until you start or force start the seeding of the torrent from both the original upload and the community of seeders and leechers you join and can see on the utorrent browser, who already have part of the file. Once the download is completed, it will be found on the completed tab of the Utorrent browser, but the whole file will be on your hard drive. The video file will typically be executable in the VLC video player you will have taken the trouble to download, so you can play the video on your computer, even bump it to an HD TV set from the HDMI out fitting on all PCs with Windows 7 during 2010 and afterward. Then you find out how high or low the quality of the video is, whether it has subtitles, a decent soundtrack., in essence, how high or low quality the movie is. You can often acquire subtitles for the film if it doesnt come with them, codecs if it is missing them and won't play in your player. If its missing a soundtrack, you can tape it from another torrent, put it on a cassette player and synch it with the video to watch. Macs have cheap cords and adapters sold by stores and online to allow playing videos on HD sets but getting the image onto the set takes some knowhow. The whole video player and video has to be dragged OFF the mac computer upward to the top of the screen, off, and onto the HD set with a Mac puter. Look out, even avoid, compressed WINRAR files of films, or complete VOB traditional DVD files, the latter only play simply, when pressed onto a dvd or CD. Winrar files have to be placed on a thumb drive and taken to a PC to process to video with freeware called imgburn because there is no WINRAR apple computer program available. Both Samsung and Phillips offer dvd players that will play the various digital video formats with extensions like MP4, avi, MKV, MPG, MPEG and perhaps a dozen other more obscure video files. There aren't many of these players being sold these days. But smart TV sets and even lesser HD sets that cost as little at 200 will often play the files from an outside hard drive or thumb/hard drive through the sets USB In fitting on the back of the set... In essence, these are internal DVD player equivalents. Samsung and LG's better sets even have codecs in their USB file players if the file is missing one, though not always. I tried a thumb drive with 11 films on it in a 199 Visio tv. The USB could only see and play five of those files, because its internal player isn't first rate. I later talked to a Visio set tech who admitted the Visio player is way less than first rate. There is no telling which files will work and which won't making the Visio TV set impractical for use playing universal internet video files. Samsung, however, has a 218 set that will play nearly everything you can squeeze onto a hard drive or flash/thumb drive. Their smart set will even organize the files to show them in order of when last added.

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