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I'm not sure if I had more fun watching this movie, or reading the venomous reviews of it. I hate shooting down ones's criticism by stating they didn't get it. But man, some people really didn't get this one. I guess that's to be expected, because when you make a cowboys and Indians movie in 2001, reactions to it are bound to be a bit polarized.
You read that correctly. Carpenter once again reaches back to the b-westerns of his youth, and concocts a cowboys and Indians shoot 'em up set on Mars. The sheriff (who happens to be a woman in this case) teams up with the outlaw to do battle with natives on a warpath. There's even a train, as all good cowboys and Indians flicks need a train.
If the above sounds like a blast to you, you'll probably get a huge kick out of Ghosts of Mars. If the above sounds like the stupidest thing you've ever heard, then you'll probably feel compelled to contribute another venomous review to the heap, immediately after viewing.
Personally, I'm thankful there's a man named John Carpenter who doesn't seem the least bit concerned whether or not you 'get it.' He knows there are people out there who do, and there are those who don't, can't, and never will. It seems his primary concern is to make sure those who do 'get it, have a great time at the movies.