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Bold definition. This was the Xbox's initial purpose: to standardize PC hardware for software developers. When the first Xbox launched, upgrading a video card, even one from the same manufacturer you already have one from, was a complete mess. Sometimes, the drivers would uninstall automatically, sometimes you had to remove ALL of them and reboot using the generic windows video drivers. Sometimes, you had to manually remove registry entries. You had to visit a website and scroll through a long list of cards, many with VERY similar names and decriptions, to find the drivers for the one you were installing. It was a complete mess up and down the entire industry. Since then, hardware manufacturers have really stepped up their software game, mostly because they had no other choice. Now, you can pop in a new video card, and the software package from the MFG will see what card you have without asking you, and will install the correct software for that card without asking you - neat, clean, and foolproof.

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Blackberry Bold 9700 | and its older brother the Blackberry … | Gonzague Dambricourt | Flickr new icn message flickr-free-ic 3d pan white → ← → Bold & beautiful. An example of blackboard bold letters. Blackboard bold is a typeface style that is often used for certain symbols in mathematical texts, in which certain lines of the symbol (usually vertical or near-vertical lines) are doubled. The symbols usually denote number sets. One way of producing Blackboard bold is to double-strike a character with a small offset on a typewriter. [1] Thus they are referred to as double struck. Origin In some texts these symbols are simply shown in bold type: blackboard bold in fact originated from the attempt to write bold letters on blackboards in a way that clearly differentiated them from non-bold letters i. e. by using the edge rather than point of the chalk. It then made its way back in print form as a separate style from ordinary bold, [1] possibly starting with the original 1965 edition of Gunning and Rossi's textbook on complex analysis. [2] Rejection Some mathematicians, therefore, do not recognize blackboard bold as a separate style from bold: Jean-Pierre Serre, for example, uses double-struck letters when writing bold on the blackboard, [3] whereas his published works consistently use ordinary bold for the same symbols. [4] Donald Knuth also prefers boldface to blackboard bold, and consequently did not include blackboard bold in the Computer Modern fonts he created for the TeX mathematical typesetting system. [5] The Chicago Manual of Style in 1993 (14th edition) advises: "blackboard bold should be confined to the classroom" (13. 14) whereas in 2003 (15th edition) it states that "open-faced (blackboard) symbols are reserved for familiar systems of numbers" (14. 12). Encoding TeX, the standard typesetting system for mathematical texts, does not contain direct support for blackboard bold symbols, but the add-on AMS Fonts package ( amsfonts) by the American Mathematical Society provides this facility; a blackboard bold R is written as \mathbb{R}. The amssymb package loads amsfonts. In Unicode, a few of the more common blackboard bold characters ( C, H, N, P, Q, R and Z) are encoded in the Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP) in the Letterlike Symbols (2100–214F) area, named DOUBLE-STRUCK CAPITAL C etc. The rest, however, are encoded outside the BMP, from U+1D538 to U+1D550 (uppercase, excluding those encoded in the BMP), U+1D552 to U+1D56B (lowercase) and U+1D7D8 to U+1D7E1 (digits). Being outside the BMP, these are relatively new and not widely supported. Usage The following table shows all available Unicode blackboard bold characters. The symbols are nearly universal in their interpretation, unlike their normally-typeset counterparts, which are used for many different purposes. The first column shows the letter as typically rendered by the ubiquitous LaTeX markup system. The second column shows the Unicode codepoint. The third column shows the symbol itself (which will only display correctly on browsers that support Unicode and have access to a suitable font). The fourth column describes known typical (but not universal) usage in mathematical texts. LaTeX Unicode (Hex) Symbol Mathematics usage U+1D538 𝔸 Represents affine space or the ring of adeles. Occasionally represents the algebraic numbers, the algebraic closure of Q (more commonly written ℚ or Q), or the algebraic integers, an important subring of the algebraic numbers. U+1D552 𝕒 U+1D539 𝔹 Sometimes represents a ball, a boolean domain, or the Brauer group of a field. U+1D553 𝕓 U+2102 ℂ Represents the set of complex numbers. U+1D554 𝕔 U+1D53B 𝔻 Represents the unit ( open) disk in the complex plane (for example as a model of the Hyperbolic plane), or occasionally the decimal fractions (see number). U+1D555 𝕕 U+2145 ⅅ U+2146 ⅆ May represent the differential symbol. U+1D53C 𝔼 Represents the expected value of a random variable, or Euclidean space, or a field in a tower of fields. U+1D556 𝕖 U+2147 ⅇ Occasionally used for the mathematical constant e. U+1D53D 𝔽 Represents a field. Often used for finite fields, with a subscript to indicate the order. Also represents a Hirzebruch surface or a free group, with a subset to indicate the number of generators (or generating set, if infinite). U+1D557 𝕗 U+1D53E 𝔾 Represents a Grassmannian or a group, especially an algebraic group. U+1D558 𝕘 U+210D ℍ Represents the quaternions (the H stands for Hamilton), or the upper half-plane, or hyperbolic space, or hyperhomology of a complex. U+1D559 𝕙 U+1D540 𝕀 Occasionally used to denote the identity mapping on an algebraic structure, or the set of imaginary numbers ( i. e., the set of all real multiples of the imaginary unit), or the ideal of polynomials vanishing on a subset. U+1D55A 𝕚 U+2148 ⅈ Occasionally used for the imaginary unit. U+1D541 𝕁 Occasionally represents the set of irrational numbers, R \ Q ( ℝ \ ℚ). U+1D55B 𝕛 U+2149 ⅉ U+1D542 𝕂 Represents a field, typically a scalar field. This is derived from the German word Körper, which is German for field (literally, "body"; cf. the French term corps). May also be used to denote a compact space. U+1D55C 𝕜 U+1D543 𝕃 Represents the Lefschetz motive. See motives. U+1D55D 𝕝 U+1D544 𝕄 Sometimes represents the monster group. The set of all m -by- n matrices is sometimes denoted 𝕄( m, n). U+1D55E 𝕞 U+2115 ℕ Represents the set of natural numbers. May or may not include zero. U+1D55F 𝕟 U+1D546 𝕆 Represents the octonions. U+1D560 𝕠 U+2119 ℙ Represents projective space, the probability of an event, the prime numbers, a power set, the irrational numbers, or a forcing poset. U+1D561 𝕡 U+211A ℚ Represents the set of rational numbers. (The Q stands for quotient. ) U+1D562 𝕢 U+211D ℝ Represents the set of real numbers and ℝ + represents the positive reals. U+1D563 𝕣 U+1D54A 𝕊 Represents a sphere, or the sphere spectrum, or occasionally the sedenions. U+1D564 𝕤 U+1D54B 𝕋 Represents a torus, or the circle group, or a Hecke algebra (Hecke denoted his operators as T n or 𝕋 ℕ), or the tropical semi-ring, or twistor space. U+1D565 𝕥 U+1D54C 𝕌 U+1D566 𝕦 U+1D54D 𝕍 Represents a vector space or an affine variety generated by a set of polynomials. U+1D567 𝕧 U+1D54E 𝕎 Occasionally represents the set of whole numbers (here in the sense of non-negative integers), which also are represented by ℕ 0. U+1D568 𝕨 U+1D54F 𝕏 Occasionally used to denote an arbitrary metric space. U+1D569 𝕩 U+1D550 𝕐 U+1D56A 𝕪 U+2124 ℤ Represents the set of integers. (The Z is for Zahlen, which is German for "numbers". ) U+1D56B 𝕫 U+213E ℾ U+213D ℽ U+213F ℿ U+213C ℼ U+2140 ⅀ U+1D7D8 𝟘 U+1D7D9 𝟙 Often represents, in set theory, the top element of a forcing poset, or occasionally the identity matrix in a matrix ring. Also used for the indicator function. U+1D7DA 𝟚 Often represents, in category theory, the interval category. U+1D7DB 𝟛 U+1D7DC 𝟜 U+1D7DD 𝟝 U+1D7DE 𝟞 U+1D7DF 𝟟 U+1D7E0 𝟠 U+1D7E1 𝟡 In addition, a blackboard-bold Greek letter mu (not found in Unicode) is sometimes used by number theorists and algebraic geometers (with a subscript n) to designate the group (or more specifically group scheme) of n -th roots of unity. [6] See also Mathematical alphanumeric symbols Set notation References ↑ 1. 0 1. 1 Google Groups ↑ Gunning, Robert C. ; Rossi, Hugo (1965). Analytic functions of several complex variables. Prentice-Hall. ↑ "Writing Mathematics Badly" video talk (part 3/3), starting at 7′08″ ↑ E. g., Serre, Jean-Pierre. Cohomologie galoisienne. Springer-Verlag. ↑ Krantz, S., Handbook of Typography for the Mathematical Sciences, Chapman & Hall/CRC, Boca Raton, Florida, 2001, p. 35. ↑ Milne, James S. (1980). Étale cohomology. Princeton University Press. p. xiii. Weisstein, Eric W., "Doublestruck", MathWorld. External links shows blackboard bold symbols together with their Unicode encodings. Encodings in the Basic Multilingual Plane are highlighted in yellow.

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Top definitions related content examples explore dictionary british idioms and phrases adjective, bold·er, bold·est. not hesitating or fearful in the face of actual or possible danger or rebuff; courageous and daring: a bold hero. not hesitating to break the rules of propriety; forward; impudent: He apologized for being so bold as to speak to the emperor. necessitating courage and daring; challenging: a bold adventure. beyond the usual limits of conventional thought or action; imaginative: Einstein was a bold mathematician. a difficult problem needing a bold answer. striking or conspicuous to the eye; flashy; showy: a bold pattern. steep; abrupt: a bold promontory. Nautical. deep enough to be navigable close to the shore: bold waters. Obsolete. trusting; assured. Words related to bold daring, resolute, audacious, courageous, fearless, adventurous, heroic, brash, confident, smart, gutsy, vivid, colorful, forceful, definite, eye-catching, spirited, flashy, strong, loud Words nearby bold bola, bolan pass, boland, bolar, bolas, bold, bold as brass, bold face, bold-faced, bolden, boldface Idioms for bold be / make (so) bold, to presume or venture; dare: I made bold to offer my suggestion. Origin of bold before 1000; Middle English bald, bold, Old English b(e)ald; cognate with Old Saxon, Old High German bald, Dutch boud bold, Old Norse ballr dire < Germanic *bál-tha-z; akin to Welsh balch proud, Irish balc strong < *bal-ko- OTHER WORDS FROM bold bold·ly, adverb bold·ness, noun o·ver·bold, adjective o·ver·bold·ly, adverb o·ver·bold·ness, noun su·per·bold, adjective su·per·bold·ly, adverb su·per·bold·ness, noun un·bold, adjective un·bold·ly, adverb un·bold·ness, noun WORDS THAT MAY BE CONFUSED WITH bold bolder boulder synonym study for bold 2. Bold, brazen, forward, presumptuous may refer to manners in a derogatory way. Bold suggests impudence, shamelessness, and immodesty: a bold stare. Brazen suggests the same, together with a defiant manner: a brazen liar. Forward implies making oneself unduly prominent or bringing oneself to notice with too much assurance. Presumptuous implies overconfidence, effrontery, taking too much for granted Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2020 Examples from the Web for bold The well, ghost or no ghost, is certainly a piece of history with a bold presence. Or bold stands that may not preserve our security today or tomorrow, but keep our principles safely intact? Then, under the bold headline “Rebooting Spider-Man, ” Robinov describes a broad vision for the future of the franchise. The 2014 election was a wipeout, progressives say, because Democrats lacked a bold economic message to inspire voters. The declaration adopted by the meeting was a bold step, but it did not a revolution make. Rapidly and unerringly the bold strokes grated across the canvas. Here again, I make so bold as to assert, there is no royal road. There's not a trade agoing, Worth knowing or showing, Like that from glory growing! Says the bold soldier boy. It is certainly better suited to the bold outlines and masses of the Norman period. This is a long arm of the sea, surrounded by high, bold mountains, clothed with very green verdure to their tops. British Dictionary definitions for bold bold adjective courageous, confident, and fearless; ready to take risks showing or requiring courage a bold plan immodest or impudent she gave him a bold look standing out distinctly; conspicuous a figure carved in bold relief very steep the bold face of the cliff imaginative in thought or expression the novel's bold plot printing set in bold face noun Derived forms of bold boldly, adverb boldness, noun Word Origin for bold Old English beald; related to Old Norse ballr dangerous, terrible, baldinn defiant, Old High German bald bold Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012 Idioms and Phrases with bold bold In addition to the idiom beginning with bold bold as brass also see: big and bold make bold The American Heritage® Idioms Dictionary Copyright © 2002, 2001, 1995 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.

Bold strokes books. Bord du lac. Boldi basics. Boldore. Bold and beautiful message boards. Bold and the beautiful spoiler. A Bold Stroke for a Wife is Susanna Centlivre 's 18th-century satirical English play developed in 1717. The plot expresses the author's unabashed support of the British Whig Party: she criticises the Tories, religious hypocrisy, and the greed of capitalism. Synopsis Set in 18th-century England, the play tells the story of a military officer who wants to marry a young woman. His obstacles are the four guardians who watch over Anne Lovely. Each of the four has his own idea of the ideal husband. The catch is that each is disagreeable in his own way, and they can't possibly see eye to eye on a man for Anne. To gain Lovely's hand in marriage, soldier Colonel Fainwell must convince the four guardians that he will make an ideal husband. Fainwell takes the bold stroke of wearing elaborate disguises, four of which mimic the personalities and occupations of each of the guardians in turn: an antiquarian, an old beau, a Quaker, and an exchange broker. In all, Fainwell dons the guise of a preening fop, a mysterious world traveller, a shuffling country steward, a dimwitted Dutchman and a fire-and-brimstone preacher in turn. The fire-and-brimstone Quaker character impersonated by Fainwell is Simon Pure, and one point of the plot is to discover the "real" Simon Pure. Fainwell gets her guardian's permission to wed Lovely but before the marriage can take place, the real Simon Pure shows up at the end to prove his identity. Characters Periwinkle is described as an antique collector, his wardrobe collection is made up of clothes of fashion from the last century, and he follows the words of the author of a collection of travellers' tales Sir John Mandeville more than the words of the Bible. Deception to obtain his consent fails the first time, but is successful the second time when tricked into signing the consent when presented with the false Lease for Pillage. Tradelove is described as a stickler for trade, hates anything that comes with a sword, and a great admirer of Dutch traders believing they understand trade better than any other nation. It is also noted that he is devilish in his dealings, as he cheated his father for the advantage of stock to get a bargain. He is encouraged to offer his consent to marry Anne Lovely to the Dutch trader in lieu of the payment of two thousand pounds wagered. Sir Philip Modelove is described as a "beau", an old fashionable man, dresses fancy by keeping with the new fashions, and is the most cheap of the whole company on birthdays. He admires the French and enjoys the French operas, balls, and masquerades. Approved Colonel Fainwell's French behaviours and high class appearance and gave his consent to marry Anne Lovely. He introduces Fainwell to the rest of the guardians. Obadiah Prim is a very rigid Quaker. At the start of the play Anne Lovely is seen entering Prim's house to start her three-month stay with him. He believes those who are not Quakers are impure. He is deceived by Colonel Fainwell when he impersonates Simon Pure and gives consent to marry Anne Lovely when he is convinced Colonel Fainwell had converted Lovely. Colonel Fainwell is the protagonist in this play, going after the consent of the four guardians to receive Anne Lovely's hand in marriage. His friend Freeman helps him achieve his goals in any way possible. He resorts to impersonations and deceitful behaviours to gain the consent of the four guardians by transforming himself into the ideal husband each guardian seeks. Anne Lovely is the damsel in distress held hostage by the four guardians. She seeks out an exit from them and relies on Fainwell to obtain consent from her guardians to gain her freedom. She has a massive amount of money that comes with her when she marries after the guardians give consent. She changes her life style and attitude for each guardian she stays with, as she has to stay with a different guardian every three months per year. Mrs. Prim is Obadiah's wife. She is seen to interact with Anne Lovely and constantly gives her a tough time for not being a Quaker and her choice of appearance in clothes. Betty is Anne Lovely's maid and only friend. Simon Pure is a Quaker preacher from Pennsylvania who comes to visit Obadiah Prim. His visit creates an entrance for Colonel Fainwell and is impersonated by him. Freeman is Colonel Fainwell's friend and dedicates himself to help Fainwell achieve his goals with Anne Lovely. He initially introduces Fainwell to his difficult task and directly helps obtain consent from Tradelove by convincing Tradelove to give up consent to Fainwell since he couldn't pay the wager amount he lost. Freeman also keeps an eye out for Colonel Fainwell during his impersonation as Simon Pure and sends in a false letter to help. Sackbut is the tavern keeper featured often in this play. He describes each guardian to Colonel Fainwell and also helps Fainwell with his goal of obtaining consent from Anne Lovely's guardians. Sackbut acts as a witness to the signing of consent by Tradelove. Summary Act 1 The act starts with Colonel Fainwell and Freeman at the local tavern as Colonel Fainwell is talking of love. He had seen Anne Lovely earlier in the day and inquires about her to his friend Freeman, who calls upon the Tavern owner Sackbut to tell Fainwell about the four guardians who were left with taking care of Lovely along with more information on Lovely. It is revealed that her father wished Lovely dead a thousand times because he wished the world would end with his passing. Since fortune had to be passed down to Lovely, the father had arranged it so that in order for Lovely to marry, she had to get the consent of all four guardians. Each of the guardians had their own view of the ideal husband in ways that contradicted each other making it impossible for a universal agreement between the four men. Lovely spends three months of each year at each of the guardian's residences with her going to Prim's house at the beginning of the play. With promises of help from Freeman and Sackbut, Fainwell plans on obtaining the consent of the guardians, beginning with Sir Phillip Modelove. During Fainwell's meeting with his friends, Lovely and her assistant Betty discusses Lovely's situation with the guardians. Lovely is sick and tired of being condemned of being the "preposterous humours" of people in town and being pointed at. Lovely brings up that Colonel Fainwell had promised her freedom from her situation and mentions that she likes the Colonel out of all the men she had ever seen. Key points Fainwell's method of obtaining consent turns out to be the ideal gentleman to each other guardians. Since he has no chance in obtaining consent as himself from all four guardians simultaneously, he is forced to get consent individually. The Colonel only needs to deceive each guardian long enough to receive consent to marry Anne Lovely while disguised as the guardian's ideal husband. Act 2 Colonel Fainwell shows up at the park dressed nicely to impress Sir Phillip with a few footmen to show off. Fainwell is supposedly dressed in a French style which attracts the attention of Sir Phillip as Colonel approaches him. Once they begin to "praise one another", the woman sitting with Sir Phillip leaves and the Colonel says everything that Sir Philip wants to hear. Sir Philip gives the consent to the Colonel to marry Anne Lovely, Fainwell is arranged to be introduced personally to the other three guardians. At Obadiah's Prim's house, Mrs. Prim and Anne Lovely are seen arguing about Lovely's choice of dress with Mrs. Prim saying it is too revealing. Lovely argues back saying Mrs. Prim is a prude and a believer of Quaker to Quaker relations. Mr. Prim enters and states that Lovely's breasts are too exposed and that she should hide them with a handkerchief, also stating that it inflames desire in other men. Lovely is upset and declares that her father never meant the tyranny of guardianship controlling her life, while Mr. Prim only defends himself stating all he meant was to prevent her from wearing temping attire and provoking others to sin. Sir Philip and Fainwell arrive at Prim's house and Fainwell is introduced to Mr. Prim formally for the first time. Then he is introduced to Lovely and as he goes to kiss her hand, he attempts to give her a letter which she drops and Prim picks up. After Fainwell reveals to Lovely who he really is, Lovely realises she had made a mistake refusing his letter. She snatches the letter away from Prim and shreds it before anyone can take it back from her. The other guardians arrive and Fainwell is introduced to Periwinkle and Tradelove. Both guardians question Colonel Fainwell, determine that they disapprove of Sir Philip's suggestion, and leave after voicing they would only consent if all of their personal qualifications were met. Key Points We see in this act that Sir Philip is a French admiring fop. He has very big interests in Fashion and is made to believe the Colonel is a higher figure than who he really is to appeal Sir Philip's senses. The Colonel plays every card he knows to mirror Sir Philip's personality to make it seem to “…appear to have but one soul, for our ideas and conceptions are the same. ”(Act 2, Scene 1, 83–85). In the next scene, we see how Lovely disapproves of the Quaker styles to be forced upon her by covering up any and all tempting features on her body. and Mrs. Prim's characteristics are revealed even more when the point about romance between Quakers is accepted even with temptation being involved, but if they are not Quakers it is evil and is looked down upon. It is reconfirmed that the disapproval of the other guardians is unanimous, as each fail to see the Colonel as one of their own kind. Act 3 Act three starts with Sackbut congratulating Colonel Fainwell for the consent of at least one of the guardians. The Colonel is in an Egyptian dress to meet Periwinkle, disguised as a foreigner. Periwinkle is intrigued by not only the foreign appearance of Fainwell, but also the antique "habits" the Colonel displays. Periwinkle asks Fainwell if he has collected any rarities, as odd trinkets capture his interest including asking if he's had a crocodile. Fainwell plays it off saying that there are more worthy knowledge that he possesses rather than spending it on such petite items. He claims that he knows great knowledge of the sun, more than what Descartes had claimed to discover and find out. With Periwinkle astonished, jealous, and admiring Fainwell, he finishes off with a slew of more items with claims of outrageous things it can do. He finishes off the items with a typical girdle claiming it has the power to make the wearer invisible and able to teleport instantaneously. Fainwell explains that in order for the girdle to work, the others in the room must face east for it to work. After the explanation Periwinkle tries on the girdle, Fainwell and Sackbut turn towards the East, turns back and pretends that Periwinkle had indeed disappeared. Not convinced, Periwinkle requests that the Colonel try the girdle on. Fainwell agrees and when Periwinkle and Sackbut turn East, Fainwell hides underneath a trap door so that when Periwinkle turns back, the illusion of invisibility is played out. After the demonstration, Sackbut raises a point saying that if Periwinkle would purchase the girdle and use, he would be able to travel as he always wanted to. Colonel says that the girdle would never change ownership for money and reveals that the point of the trip was to find the guardians of Lovely for consent of marriage. The first guardian to give consent would receive the girdle and Periwinkle declares that he is one of the four guardians of Lovely. Right when the agreement is to be signed and finalised, a drawer of the tailor reveals to Periwinkle that the foreigner is actually Colonel Fainwell, ruining the Fainwell's plans. Fainwell flees immediately and Freeman enters to set forth the backup plan since the scheme was ruined. Freeman informs that Periwinkle's uncle is dying and suggests that Periwinkle make a trip to the estate despite it being far away. Periwinkle thanks Freeman, leaves, and Colonel and Sackbut re-enters with the plans of going after the next guardian, Tradelove. Fainwell in this act is dressed up as a foreigner armed with a "unique" item that is so intriguing to Periwinkle it is to the point Fainwell can demand anything and he will likely receive it. Strangely enough, the item name Fainwell uses is called "moros musphonon", meaning mousetrap for a fool in Greek. Periwinkle is indeed a fool and is easily manipulated into believing the girdle's abilities. He is also a fool for easily believing the disguised Fainwell was the nephew of his admirer John Tradescant. The plan b for just in case Colonel Fainwell isn’t able to successfully get the consent of Periwinkle synced very well to set up the stage for the Fainwell's next entrance. Act 4 Act four opens at the Exchange Alley where all the stock action takes place with Tradelove looking busy. Freeman enters with Fainwell disguised as a Dutch trader with news saying the Spanish had raised their siege from before Cagliari. The note states that no one would know right now, but in a few hours it will go public and this would be the perfect opportunity to make money. Tradelove and Freeman both make transactions that they think will bear fruit, and Freeman mentions to Tradelove that the Colonel has no idea of the potential opportunity present. Tradelove insists that the siege has been raised while Fainwell holds his end saying it hasn’t resulting in Tradelove betting money. With the bet made, Fainwell and Freeman make it back to Sackbut's Tavern to plan for Periwinkle's opening with his dying uncle. Before they get started, Sackbut enters with a letter addressed for Prim introducing him to a Simon Pure, a leader Quaker. Fainwell plans on impersonating Simon Pure to try to secure consent from Mr. Prim. As Sackbut prepares the Quaker clothes, Sackbut brings in the country dress and boots for Colonel Fainwell to wear as the steward of Periwinkle's uncle. As the Colonel is ready to go, Tradelove shows up at the tavern seeking Freeman's audience. Fainwell disguised as the steward sneaks out, Freeman meets with Tradelove who immediately brings up that the letter Freeman received earlier was a fake. Tradelove loses the bet he made with Colonel Fainwell at the exchange and is unable to pay it. Freeman suggests that Tradelove offer his consent to marry off Anne Lovely without mentioning to the Colonel that he would still require the consent of the other three guardians. Tradelove agrees to this proposal and tells Freeman to ask the "Dutch Trader" this proposal instead of paying up the two thousand pounds wagered. The scene shifts to the Colonel disguised as the steward at Periwinkle's house informing him of his uncle's death. The Colonel Fainwell now as "Pillage" sobs in between lines to make it seem like the uncle's death was greatly impacting his life to convince the legitimacy of the situation. Colonel Fainwell brings up the contents of the uncle's will and lastly discusses "his" lease needs to be renewed with the approval of Periwinkle. Periwinkle approves and as he is inspecting the pen Fainwell hands him, Fainwell switches the lease for the consent contract and Periwinkle signs the consent form unknowingly. With the form in hand, Fainwell leaves Periwinkle's house and returns to the tavern where Freeman and Tradelove are waiting. Before the Colonel has a chance to make an appearance, Tradelove is praising the generosity of the Dutch trader for accepting the proposal of his consent for marriage in lieu of the payment of two thousand pounds. The Colonel now dressed as the Dutch trader enters and secures the deal for consent by the signing of a paper with the agreement with Sackbut and Freeman as witnesses. Tradelove leaves claiming he will put in a good word with the other guardians as he made the Dutch trader believe he was the main man in charge of the marriage of Anne Lovely. On Periwinkle's way out he is smiling thinking that he had the good fortune of relieving his debt for his consent on an impossible marriage situation for the Dutch trader. Tradelove is seen to admire Dutch traders claiming they know stocks and trade best of all nations and yet he makes a wager with confidence against the Colonel based on the letter Freeman shows him. His cocky behaviour to finally outwit a Dutch trader and his trust in Freeman with the letter of information. Since the "Dutch" would naturally know better according to the stereotype of Tradelove, Colonel would confidently wage against Tradelove, thus trapping him to make a payment he doesn’t have forcing Tradelove to give up consent to marry Anne Lovely. After Tradelove finds out about his ruin, he proposes with Freeman's suggestion that he offer consent to the trader of Lovely in lieu of the payment of the money. He emphasises that he is the leader of all the guardians in charge of Lovely's marriage plans, saying that he wouldn’t give up the consent easily, and other means necessary to make Lovely a better offer than the doomed reality is. The deceit is played out and accepted by the Colonel, making Tradelove feel like a winner when he's the biggest loser. At Periwinkle's house, all goes according to plan as Colonel Fainwell acts as if that death is a true tragedy to help prove that the situation is real. He brings up the lease signing to get a signature one way or another, switching it with the consent contract to secure Anne Lovely from Periwinkle's end. The arrival of Simon Pure's letter was not originally in the plans and represents a godsend for Colonel Fainwell to act as an entrance and opportunity to win Prim's consent to marry Anne Lovely. Act 5 The act starts at Prim's house with Mrs. Prim and Anne Lovely arguing over Lovely's choice in dress. Lovely declares that she wishes to dress in whatever fashion she desires to wear and claims that Mrs. Prim would have never attracted any man with the way she dresses, even if she did bait them. Mrs. Prim counters saying that she did indeed attract as much men while properly dressed as Lovely did, claiming that Lovely is also too familiar with wicked people. The guardians all enter and mention that they have found a husband for Lovely and as they do, a different guardian shoots the candidate down, despite the candidate is the same for all three of them. Prim is the only one without a candidate to marry Lovely, which changes quickly when a servant announces that the Colonel, disguised as Simon Pure, has arrived. The Colonel enters in a Quaker's outfit as Lovely and Mrs. Prim re-enters to greet the "guest". As Lovely enters, Fainwell cannot help but stare at her. Prim notices this and asks why Fainwell stares, which he responds saying that he had a dream and saw Lovely in it. Prim interprets this as Lovely being converted and leaves with Mrs. Prim to have Fainwell convert Lovely to become a faithful Quaker. Lovely does not recognise Fainwell in his Quaker disguise and shrieks when he approaches her initially, but Fainwell reveals his identity to calm her down. Due to the shriek, Prim investigates, but Lovely explains she shrieked because of Fainwell's non-stop blabber about converting into a Quaker. Convinced with the situation, Prim exits once again to leave Fainwell and Lovely alone together. Fainwell explains to Lovely that he has the consent of the other three guardians and only needs Prim's to marry her. Lovely understands the situation and plays along with Fainwell, faking that she has indeed converted to being a Quaker. Prim is convinced that Lovely is converted as a servant enters and informs that the real Simon Pure has arrived. Once Simon Pure has arrived, Fainwell's deception holds and a counterfeit letter is brought in stating that there would be an imposter dressed as a Quaker with a mob to rob and kill Prim. Fainwell accuses Simon of being the imposter and Lovely adds on saying that she saw Simon with the said Mob, convincing Prim to dismiss the real Simon Pure. Fainwell realises his time under cover is short, so he acts quickly and explains that Lovely would not be left alone by the Sathan and Lovely displays attitudes as if the spirits have filled her. With this behaviour, Prim gives consent to Fainwell to marry Lovely and signs the consent before Simon returns with proof. Since Fainwell has obtained the consent, he no longer has any reason to deceit anyone any more and admits that he was the false Simon Pure. All the guardians enter with Freeman and realise that they all have been deceived as Fainwell exposes his many identities to each guardian. Colonel Fainwell's disguise of a Quaker admits him to the household of Prim and acceptance from him and his wife. After Lovely discovers his disguise, her acting helps persuade Prim into believing Lovely has converted and requires the magic of "Simon's" convincing to remain a Quaker, hence the speedy consent approval. The fake letter that accuses the fake Simon Pure could have gone both ways. With Fainwell's aggression and Lovely's assistance, Simon is forced to leave long enough for Fainwell to obtain the consent form from Prim. The letter is not planned from Fainwell's knowledge, but he recognises it instantly as Freeman's handwriting, which suggests that Freeman has been keeping watch this entire time in case of Simon's arrival. Analysis Centlivre made fun of all the stereotypes of her time, fearlessly sending up the marriage mart, fashion, commerce, academia and even religion. [1] History A Bold Stroke for a Wife was first performed at Lincoln's Inn Fields theatre, on 3 February 1718, where it ran six nights, which was considered a substantial success. During its long life the play became very popular in the United States. It was produced as early as 1782 (in Baltimore). In 1786 a Charleston, South Carolina, journalist commented that "The Bold Stroke for a Wife... is one of the few comedies that has stood the test of time -- it is full of business and intrigue and abounds with such a variety as always arrests and keeps up the attention of the audience until it ends. " [2] The play continued to find American audiences into the nineteenth century, and was billed as a "fine old comedy" when it was presented at Wallack's Theatre on Broadway in 1863. In a 1985 production by Double Edge Theatre [3] the play was set in the androgynous cabaret world of the 1920s as an ironic look at "the marriage game" written by an 18th-century male impersonator to underscore its cross-gender casting and the wry implications such an approach has in contemporary society. [4] Contribution to language Look up simon-pure in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Simon Pure Like the character of Mrs. Malaprop in Sheridan's play The Rivals, the name Simon Pure soon became a noun for a quality in a person. In Mrs. Malaprop's case, that quality was incorrect usage of a word by substituting a similar-sounding word with different meaning, usually with comic effect. In Simon's case, that quality was authenticity and in Simon's impersonator's case, that quality was hypocrisy. [5] In its adjective form, the quickly compound gained a hyphen and lost its capitals when, in 1894, William Dean Howells wrote glowingly of "American individuality, the real, simon-pure article. " As in boycott from Captain Boycott and bloomer from Amelia Bloomer, names turn into words and lose their capital letters in eponymy. As a noun, Simon Pure is two words; as an adjective, it is lowercase and still holds the hyphen. That keeps the adjectival form untainted. [5] The fact that there were two Simon Pures on stage is probably the reason the term became a confusing one. Depending on how it's used, it can mean either an honest man or a hypocrite who makes a great show of virtue. [6] Modernly, Simon Pure has become the source of two expressions: the phrase "The real Simon Pure", meaning "the real man"; and the adjective "simon-pure", meaning either of genuine, untainted purity or integrity; or pretentiously, superficially or hypocritically virtuous. In 1984, the term "simon-pure" received some publicity when Ambassador Robert Morris at the United States State Department conceded that the United States had taken some steps toward economic protectionism, but insisted, "If we are not simon-pure, we remain fairly credible. " [7] As reported by then- New York Times columnist William Safire, the phrase simon-pure means "untainted. " In this context, delegates to conventions who are unencumbered by charges of being the creatures of ill-gotten funds [8] are simon-pure delegates. References ↑ Kistler, Julie. (15 April 2005) Pantagraph (Bloomington, IL). Illinois Wesleyan theater takes a 'Bold' step forward. Pg. D. ↑ Charleston [SC] Morning Post October 10, 1786 ↑ Double Edge Theatre of Boston, MA, was founded in 1982, and tries to incorporate 'living culture' into all of its productions. In some ways this can be compared to the concept of 'third theatre. ' See Miller, David. (June 1995). TDR (Cambridge, Mass. ), MIT Press. Songs at the well: Double Edge Theatre. (Boston, Massachusetts). 115. ↑ McLaughlin, Jeff. Boston Globe. N. E. Life to Sponsor Performance Series. Section: Arts and Film. 58. ↑ 5. 0 5. 1 Safire, William. (3 June 1984). New York Times. On Language; Taint So. Section 6; Pg. 614. ↑ Miami Herald. (12 July 1985). Front Section. 25D. ↑ Safire, William. The New York Times. 614. ↑ That is to say, their presence at the convention is not the direct or indirect result of bribes A Bold Stroke for a Wife, Broadview Press 1995 printing, ISBN 1-55111-021-0. "The Questors Presents A Bold Stroke for a Wife by Susanna Centilivre", The Questors Theatre, June 1954 " A Bold Stroke for a Wife to Take Mainstage at IWU" Illinois Wesleyan University School of Theatre Arts, 30 March 2005 Definition of simon-pure Merriam-Webster online dictionary "Simon-pure", The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition, Houghton Mifflin Company, 2004. From. (accessed: 3 November 2006). "Simon Pure" Ebenezer Cobham Brewer, Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, 1898, from Centlivre, Susanna. A Bold Stroke for a Wife. Concise. Orchard Park, New York: Broadview Press, 2003. 722–761. Print.

I read a lot about people applying to 300 jobs and getting like 2 callbacks, but I had a very different experience. I wanted to share some of my tips that I've learned. I never applied a ton, I had connections. In college I joined a professional fraternity and 4 out of the 6 jobs I got were through people I knew who worked there. You get your resume handed right to the manager instead of through HR. I recommend making friends with people in your class, or finding somebody else with a strong network and free-loading off of theirs (and buy them lunch or something). Furthermore, people you know there can give you invaluable advice on what is going to be on the interview/what the hiring manager is like, etc. I made friends with the "CS gods" who were role models in my class. Then, I just ask them for their resume, for them to look at mine, for their advice, their compensation and negotiation tactics, etc. It's not like the med field where other people want the competition to fail, I rarely meet any SWE who DOESN'T want to help others get a job. Even when I cold apply, NEVER apply on the website, there's too many people that do that. Instead, I find a recruiter on Linkedin, I find their WORK EMAIL with this extension (), and I email them DIRECTLY with my resume, my interest, and a blurb showing that I've researched the company. (only applies to US citizens) This sounds shitty, but if you have an asian sounding name and you ARE a citizen, put that you're a citizen on there. Some recruiters will toss resumes JUST because they're asian and the company can't sponsor, even if you are a citizen. I literally put "US Citizen" next to my phone number, linkedin, and github. Interviewing is honestly all about confidence. You have to be a salesman. You can't just be good at coding and suck at talking, or vice versa. I don't really study that much the day before an interview (that's for the weeks before), I just go on walks, run, do jumping jacks, get my blood flowing so that I feel the most alive I can be before stepping in to the room. credit to u/Chewbahka72, but if you don't have experience just apply to smaller companies, instead of FB/Apple/Google/MSFT. There's a reason those companies pay so well, it's cause everybody has tons of experience, it's ok to start at smaller companies where you can get good tech experience without the cool free food benefits and the company jerking you off while you work. Let me know if you want me to take a look at your resume or anything! EDIT: RESUME TIPS: I got some PMs about resumes, I'll take a look at them but here are my tips for resumes: Don't use Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman. I know this might be an unpopular opinion, but if you want to get a job (esp. in Silicon Valley), make it unique. DO put some interest in design. I'm not saying make the whole thing in LaTeX or get Elon Musk to lick it before applying, but try some different fonts and dear God learn to right justify text on the same line. () ( - for LinkedIn, github, email, phone# icons). I use Open Sans and Raleway Use PROBLEM, SOLUTION, IMPACT. Indicate the PROBLEM you're trying to solve, then indicate how you SOLVED it (what language, framework, architecture, system, design), and then talk about IMPACT (financial - saved $42069k, operational - less people needed to do this task now, time - saved 20% time on this operation). Here's an example: "Built a batch utility using Java, SQL, Hibernate to automate self-checking of the business's pricing processing system (SOLUTION), allowing the business to catch failed charges due to temporarily failed downstream services (PROBLEM mixed with a little bit of SOLUTION), which in one instance saved the company $2000 in revenue leak" Split up your skills into LANGUAGES and FRAMEWORKS/TECHNOLOGIES. Languages: Java, SQL, Python. Frameworks/Technologies: React, Redux, git, AWS, Docker Bold text that is important, make text lighter or smaller for text that is not important. IMPORTANT: Company names, Job title, headers. NOT AS IMPORTANT: employment durations, project times, company locations Just find a good-looking CS resume online or from a friend and copy the formatting. MS Word is honestly enough for the vast majority of cases. EDIT 2: Here is my anonymized resume: Not all my experience is on there, I put what I thought were the most valuable ones. I want to highlight that my resume doesn't have the biggest names on there in terms of company names, but I do think it is a strong one due to formatting, design, and wording. EDIT 3: I had 4 internships in school (1 per summer, 1 in part time) and 2 full-time positions already, sorry for the confusion.

Used specifically in Ireland by a parents or teachers to denote when a child has behaved or is behaving badly. Some chap in my class found an empty birds egg on the beach so carried it home carefully in the car, brought it into school and put it on display. Upon noticing it on display I took the initiative to strength test it and crushed it in my hand. He was very upset upon returning to the display to see it crushed and started crying. When the teacher found out I was denounced as a “bold, bold boy, ” to my entire class. In Ireland if something is fun, it's probably bold.

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