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"Slap Shot" is a very, very adult sports film. It features LOTS of profanity, lots of politically incorrect language, references to masturbation, nudity and LOTS and LOTS of violence. Even by today's standards (which, admittedly are pretty low) it's a very adult film. But, it also is very funny and, like a terrible traffic accident, it's something you may not want to you keep on watching! The Charlestown Chiefs are a lousy minor league hockey team in a lousy city. Their fans don't care and the team seems imminently in danger of either being sold or folding completely. However, the player-manager of the club (Paul Newman) is a bit crazy and has come up with a plan to POSSIBLY save the team and his career- get his players to play as dirty as possible to create fan spirit. And, after playing like a squad of nothing but goons, the team starts to win and fans come pouring into the stadium. And, to further excite his team, he begins spreading false rumors about a buyer for the team. It all culminates in an incredibly stupid finale at the championship game. Unfortunately, it's no longer a sport- just a punch of thugs hittin' folks!
The bottom line is that "Slap Shot" is a funny and distasteful film. My wife even enjoyed it- and she normally doesn't like sports films. It's also pretty wild seeing Newman and some of the other actors on skates- as well as those Hanson are kind of like Napoleon Dynamite combined with three Tasmanian Devils! Crazy fun.

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Slap shot regatta. Slap shot full movie. Slapshot band. Movies and food are two of the things we do best at SBS. Watch these A-list stars in some of their best films at SBS On Demand. Slap Shot, Hanson Bros. Debut. Lämäri (TV Series 1972-1973. Release Info. Slap shot 2: breaking the ice. Slap shot film. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue. Varasto 2011 elokuva netissä ilmaiseksi Varasto elokuvan ohjaajana toiminut Taru Mäkelä ja julkaistu Dec. 30, 2011 Toivonen,Minttu Mustakallio,Aku Hirviniemi tähdittä rasto IMDBssä on saanut 932 arvostelijalta 6.0 pistettä.Elokuva suositeltu suomalaiset-elokuvat tykkäjillä.


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Watch Slap Shot, Prime Video - amazon. Slap Shot is the greatest hockey movie of all time. While it goes over the top, it actually captures what it's like playing on a team traveling regularly (cards, gambling, goofing around in the hotel, girls, etc. Slap Shot, Hanson Bros. Debut. Slap Shot is a 1977 American sports comedy film directed by George Roy Hill, written by Nancy Dowd and starring Paul Newman and Michael depicts a minor league ice hockey team that resorts to violent play to gain popularity in a declining factory town. Dowd based much of her script, as well as several of the characters, on her brother Ned Dowd's playing experiences on 1970s minor. Slap Shot 1977 - 123movies. Pre-Game Brawl - Slap Shot (7/10) Movie CLIP (1977) HD. Slap Shot. Slapshot.

GO SIOUX GO. DAVE'S A KILLER. Dave's a mess. Slap Shot Watch streams. Thats when you go come ca. The Hanson Brothers make their debut. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Directed by George Roy Hill. With Paul Newman, Michael Ontkean, Strother Martin, Jennifer Warren. A failing ice hockey team finds success with outrageously violent hockey goonery, Slap Shot: Located in the US Rust Belt, Charlestown is home of the hapless Chiefs, a losing Federal League hockey team whose games are poorly attended. To make money, the team's unknown owner makes its manager, Joe McGrath, do cheesy publicity much to the players' chagrin. Rumors abound among the players that if the local mill closes, the team will fold. Slap Shot (1977. Slap Shot is the sort of film for which the "R" rating was invented: Its nonstop barrage of profanity and its raunchy action sequences are of such intensity that the film will probably never be, Slap Shot (1977. Rotten Tomatoes. Slap Shot is one of the greatest sports comedies ever made. Starring Paul Newman in the role of Reggie Dunlop, Captain of the Charlestown Chiefs, this film set the standard for every other sports, A slapshot (also spelled as slap shot) in ice hockey is the hardest shot one can perform. It has four stages which are executed in one fluid motion to make the puck fly into the net: The player winds up his hockey stick to shoulder height or higher.; Next the player violently "slaps" the ice slightly behind the puck and uses his weight to bend the stick, storing energy in it like a spring.

SHE'S A LESBIAN, A LESBIAN. Suzanne ctune lesbienne. Slap Shot Watch stream new albums. BEST SPORTS MOVIE... EVER. My arm go comes up then the game stop then start up. 2:12 is absolutely hilarious. Slap Shot Watch. Slap Shot Watch streaming sur internet. Slap Shot Watch stream new. Hockey stick hitting all the guys helmets just crack me up laughing 😂😂😂. Still one of the great moments in cinema history.




Denny go shame. His hallergies are acting up again. 1-9: slapshot. 10 youngblood. Slap Shot (1977. Rotten Tomatoes. Puck come down-BANG! you know. I knew Slap Shot was going to be number 1. You can't find a better hockey movie then that. Oh BTW, my Bruins are going for a comeback season after this season! GO BRUINS. BLEEDBLACKANDGOLD. Slap shot is a great movie but how the hell did miracle not get #1. My arm go comes up then the game stop then start up. Still hilarious. The he shoots he scores in the beginning made me wanna puke, wtf was that. It's a tradition for people like me who live in the snow belt to watch Slap Shot every year.

Putlocker. HAHAH classic scene. Fantastic. Pretty impressive skater Paul Newman was. Not bad, even with the way they framed him he definitely had agility, balance. There was no faking it. Slap Shot is the greatest hockey movie of all time. While it goes over the top, it actually captures what it's like playing on a team traveling regularly (cards, gambling, goofing around in the hotel, girls, etc. Paul Newman's vintage 70s clothes and car are worth watching alone. I love how the annoucer says Bring the kids. @2ndAsstJizzMopper I try :D. Watch Slap Shot online Putlockers. I think it's funny how much bigger the real hockey players are than the actors. From the director of Butch cassidy and The sting... I'm sold. Why is Most Valuable Primate an honorable mention? Why was it even considered at all? Sure, it's a hockey movie, but come on.  The movie is straight-to-VHS 90's crap.

It's ironic how at the end they face a team with the same colors as the flyers and the chief's jerseys kinda look like the islander's jerseys. 1979-80 baby. Who own the chiefs. OWNS! OWNS. trade me right fucking now. piss on eddie shore. the best sports movie of all coach dunlop. Time to review this movie with my son whos never seen it. Putlocker Website. Watch movies online for free in HD quality with subtitles. Stream instantly on your Computer, iPhone, Android or Smart TV.

Paul Newman GOAT. We need more lighthearted violence in movies these days. enough with the super srs gore crap.