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Willy the 1st



This film show us that you can be the master of your life if you dare to take risks. Two twin brothers chose two different ways to overcome the obstacles of their lives. It's beautifully made, a song of hope and a lesson about tolerance and personal growth. Willy the 1st OnLinE free 2018 Watch Movie Willy the LikeFree. Online Free Here is the link Willy the 1st Without&Membership& Willy&the.

I saw Willy 1er in preview because I missed another movie. So I absolutely didn't know anything about the subject, the cashier just telling me it's a unique and wonderful movie. As two of the four directors of the movie were there to discuss about it, I decided to listen to the cashier and try.
From the beginning, I understood Willy 1er is a completely out of standard movie, thanks to the actor Daniel Vannet, very touching with his own and desperate way of living, inspired by his own life. It could be "cinéma vérité.
Willy 1er is located in a little village next to Rouen (in Normandy, France. Willy is a poor devil with no future because of mental and physical handicaps, he has never worked and always lived under his parents wings. In his forties, he runs from his parents home after his twin's suicide, trying to establish himself and most important have friends. But what he discovers is just social horrors from poor devils, people who have a poor and disgraceful job. and their only hobby is to booze and get wild, not the kind of people going to an exposition of paintings by Henri Le Sidaner.
If you like movies directed by Jean Rouch, Jacques Rozier, George Rouqier, Robert Flaherty, John Cassavetes. well jump on it, this is for you.

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